Monday afternoon tidbits: Anks still out

Greetings from “America’s Finest City” — though I really don’t need to put it in quotes. Not only is it a nickname, it’s a true description. And it sounds like lots of you see it that way, since my flight this morning was filled with folks coming out from STL for these games.

* Rick Ankiel is making progress but still not playing. He’s hopeful that we’re only talking about a couple more days.

* Troy Glaus and Chris Duncan were outside PETCO Park, signing autographs, when the explosion took place at the Hilton construction site a couple of blocks away. They said it was very loud and very jarring, even from the players’ entrance to the ballpark. Both said they could feel a concussion blast hit them as well as hearing the explosion. Thankfully it sounds like everyone survived, although some of the injuries were pretty significant. Best wishes to everyone who was hurt. No Cardinals personnel were injured in the blast.

* I’ll have something on Mike Parisi’s adjustment to relief and to big league life later this evening.

* STL lineup: Schumaker CF, Barton LF, Pujols 1B, Ludwick RF, Glaus 3B, Molina C, Kennedy 2B, Wellemeyer P, Izturis SS.

* Toot-my-own-horn dept.: I actually have copies of my book in hand. It really does exist. Not in stores yet, and Amazon still lists it as a pre-order, but it does exist. Very exciting stuff.

* Shameless plug dept.: I’ll be on “the Press Box” with Frank Cusumano tomorrow morning at I believe noon CT (that’s morning out here).



Looks like with Mulder’s setback, Parisi will be up for a bit longer than I originally thought he would be.

I dont think anyone’s counting on mulder anymore…..

Matt, glad to hear the book now is no longer only leading a “virtual” existence. I’m looking forward to reading it. Any idea when it will be available on Amazon (unless of course you would like to send me an autographed copy)?

How about Mulder? Any details on the problem? Do you think he will ever come back in his previous form? What about the other high powered, high paid pitchers who aren’t pitching–Carpenter and Clemment specifically? The last I remember Carpenter was making good progress. Is he still on track for July? How about Lohse. He looked pretty good the other night but wasn’t he a question mark for awhile?

I would like to formally request that ALL those with at least 10 previous comments on Matt’s blog receive an autographed copy of Matt’s book…

At this point, the redbirds have been carrying Mulder for the past season plus. Don’t you think it is time to give the upcoming prospects their day in the big league and completely wash our hands of Mulder. This has been a bad move from day one…losing Danny Harren and Kiko Calero. Sometimes you just need to cut your losses and move on.

The time to “wash our hands” of Mulder would come at the end of the season when the option has to be decided. For the time being, he isn’t taking anyone’s spot in the big league rotation, not taking the place of any big prospects on the AAA roster. If he can get healthy (really big if, but still faintly possible) he could still contribute, so I don’t see why we would cut the cord now.

Big decision on Mulder’s option considering progress of
Garcia, Perez and even Parisi. And a lot would depend on the health of Clement and Thoimpson. Cards are doing ok without Mulder, Carp and Clement so maybe they don’t need tham all back in 2009? And then you have to figure
Kinney and Johnson come back? Cards have 6 pitchers on DL right now. Carp, Clement, Mulder, Thompson, Kinney and Izzy. That in itself is the core of a pretty good staff.
Plus Reyes and Garcia in the minors. I for one am optimistic for the Cards future.

I’m still concerned about the effectiveness of Flores. He always has a relatively high BAA and this year he is walking a lot of batters. What I can’t find is stats on how he fares with inherited runners on base. Anyone know how to get that data?

Four letter network’s site lists that stat, Flores has allowed 5/15. Not too bad…

Thx Phil, would never have found it otherwise. Flores’ IR/IS ratio was actually improved from last two years (those were worse than I would have imagined). Lots of neat stuff down deep at that site. Noticed his current OBP is highest in last 4 years. That figures with the poor K/BB ratio this year.

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