Wednesday evening tidbits: Ankiel gets closer

Spectacular night here in SD. Wish y’all were here.

* Rick Ankiel took BP on the field for the second day in a row. TLR expects him to play in LA.

* The rotation after Monday’s off day is a bit up in the air. They still haven’t decided whether to roll everybody over and give some guys six days rest, or do it differently.

* Down on the farm, Joe Mather continues absolutely raking. Mather homered and drew two walks this afternoon, bringing him up to 318/425/664 with 9 HR in 107 ABs. He has 16 walks against just 14 Ks.



Good to hear that Anks is doing better. I’m actually more concerned with Chris Young and Josh Bard right now. Any word from the Padres with how they are doing?

Current, preliminary word is a broken nose for Young, sprained (not broken) ankle for Bard. Could have been MUCH worse.

I thought it was kind of cool how Pujols and the Padres 1st base coach were over there praying for Young’s well being. And pretty good at bat for Ankiel, 2-Run HR.

great to see ank come off the bench and homer……we are looking at a future star….

It was actually Gonzalez that said a prayer with Pujols. Which all of our prayers should be with Young and Bard, but Matto how is Pujols doing today? He was noticeably shaken up and I am a little fearful that this could affect Pujols in a negative way for awhile. He is one of the most humble and compasionate guys in the majors and I just hope he recovers mentally from it. First and foremost though, thank God the two Padres look to be ok. Keep grinding Cards! Have a great day off.

Being involved in two injury situations in the same inning had to take a lot out of Pujols. I believe he struck out with the bases loaded the next time up, not like him at all! Maybe the day off will help. I was happy the camera picked up on that moment of prayer he spent with Gonazalez while everyone else rushed over to check on Young. That showed real character on the part of both of them.

I watched Basball tonight and Sports Center later that evening and this morning… hardly a word about Albert and Gonzalez praying… they did show it… but if I remember didn’t mention them praying. It was the first thing out of Dan’s mouth when the camera switched to them. Thank the Lord the injuries are not as bad as they could have been. I haveta think that Albert will be ok knowing that there were no really serious injuries… I am guessing that he checked on them after the game or today… he should have the assurance that he did nothing wrong. It’s part of the game and he could not have done anything any differently to change the outcome. Just one of those fluke things. I think he understands that. If not the off day should take care of it.

Yeah I heard before he even came out of the locker room to talk to the press after the game last night he had already called the hospital to make sure Chris was ok. Pujols not only impresses me as a baseball player, but as a person as well.

Now that Ankiel’s a successful OF, any chance he could be an occasional secret weapon to pitch? Say, come in from CF for one lefthanded batter sometimes? Maybe pitching is a bad memory he’d rather forget; I just wondered if anyone had thought of it.

Ank and management have expresed their feelings many times, taht he has absolutely no desire to pitch at all…ever…….so id say there is a 99.99% chance you will never see him on a mound again

um…bump that up to 100%…it’s not that simple to just come in and pitch for a guy like Ank…his body/arm/shoulder would immediately try to fall into the motions it was trained to repeat time and time again…the problem is, it’s not conditioned to do that motion anymore…the chance of injury is very high for him…TLR has even said he would be in a TON of trouble if he got Ank injured by pitching him.

I don’t think that’s ever going to be considered. You’d see Albert catch before Anks pitches again. Dont forget, this wasn’t a move made like Babe Ruth’s was. He was moved to the OF everyday because of his bat. Anks was moved for mental reasons, as well as physical. It would be a disaster if he were to pitch again.

I think we already have a secret weapon. I have heard reports of Skip being able to hit the mid 90’s with a fastball.

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