Friday evening tidbits: Ank's back

It’s another bizarre weather night in SoCal, with chilly temps (low 50s) and dark gray skies. Very odd. Anyway, tonight’s tidbits…

* As you probably guessed after his pinch-hit appearance the other night, Rick Ankiel is back in the lineup today.

* The odd man out is Schumaker, with Ludwick and Duncan getting the other two starts in the OF. Adam Kennedy leading off. He’s 11-for-25 (.440) against Lowe and a .291 lifetime hitter at Dodger Stadium.

* TLR still has not divulged what they will do with the rotation after the off day. It’s Pineiro’s turn, but the have the option bump Looper up to five days and give Pineiro a little extra time.



I’d imagine Skip was a little disappointed with the benching tonight. First time playing in his hometown, and a great offensive game last time out. I would put him in over Duncan I think.

Overall I think Skip is a more consistent hitter and 100 percent better fielder than Duncan. Outfield should be Skip, Lud, and Ank unless one is injured or needs a rest. Skip definitely should have played Friday. Also, Miles is more consistent at the plate (especially in crucial at-bats) and, in my opinion, better on defense than Kennedy. On another subject,I hope Albert is making progress in working through his understandable feelings from the Young/Bard injuries.

Yes, it definitely looks like Ank’s back, based on that one AB in San Diego.🙂

The Cardinals are currently in the enviable position of being able to deal from strength when it comes to outfielders. The other blogs are buzzing with suggestions on how to turn that into deals of one form or another, but personally, I’d rather that they sat on this situation for a bit and let it ripen. Someone desperate for some outfield power in July just might be willing to make a real sweetheart deal to address one of the team’s surprisingly few deficiencies.

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