Saturday afternoon tidbits: Pineiro to be skipped

Another gray day in SoCal. Here’s hoping we don’t get another rain delay.

* Joel Pineiro will be skipped on Tuesday. Looper will pitch that game, with Wainwright Wednesday, Lohse Thursday, Wellemeyer Friday and then Pineiro slotted back in on Saturday. According to TLR, Pineiro has some groin discomfort.

* Franklin is not available tonight after last night’s work. TLR seemed to indicate that Perez would be the choice to close if it’s not a heavily left-handed part of the order.

* Mgr indicated that from his perspective, there’s no rush to get Mather up. He said he’s having a hard enough time getting ABs for Barton, so another OF doesn’t make sense — and dismissed the notions of sending out a middle infielder or going to 11 pitchers.

* Izturis and Ryan tomorrow up the middle. Today, a very lefty-heavy lineup against Penny.

* STL lineup: Schumaker RF, Duncan LF, Pujols 1B, Ankiel CF, Glaus 3B, Miles SS, Molina C, Lohse P, Kennedy 2B.



does Tony not realize Ludwick hits righties better, or what?

I agree 100%. How can TLR sit Ludwick right now? They just had an off day, and they have another on Monday. Start Ludwick every day until he cools off!

And Duncan and Ankiel have combined to drive in 3 of our 4 runs so far tonight. Seems like this move has been working so far.

seems to be working thus far…gotta’ give the guy a day off sometime…and the other outfielders have got to get at-bats as well…one of our strengths this year is the level of contributions from ALL of our outfielders…if you don’t give them all at-bats and keep them sharp, then you weaken a strength…so, if you accept the fact that he has to get a day off here and there, then you just have to pick the right day…considering Duncan’s record against Penny, and Skip’s nearly necessary presence in the lead-off spot considering Kennedy and Barton’s slumps, then today is a good day…

That said…I was also surprised…


Any chance you can mention to the powers that be that using email for screen names in these comments isn’t a great idea?

One, I’d rather it not be public. But what’s done is done I guess.

Two – we may as well apply for spam directly. Anyone could go farm addresses off that recent comments list on the right pretty easily.

Yeah, I realized that shortly after I posted my comment, Duncan singled in the first run. I still would have rather seen Ludwick in the lineup tonight.

I would have liked to see Ludwick in the lineup, but Duncan’s got a good enough line against Penny that it may have helped snap him out of a bit of a funk.

Matt…any news on Glaus and are the Cards going to bring up someone from Triple A to fill in at 3rd if he is out with an appendix, etc.? Freese?

Glaus is in.

I think the long overdue move was made when TLR sent Duncan down. Get him some bats and send him to the AL as a first baseman and/or a DH. Having him on the Cardinals in a secondary position is not fair to him or his team. Let’s hope this works for all.

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