Sunday tidbits: Glaus cleared

A warm hello to all on the best day of the year for us gearheads (though I’m bummed about this morning’s result in Monaco).

* Troy Glaus was checked out and is in the lineup. He said he was feeling better by about 12:30 last night, and they didn’t find anything.

* It’s Joel Pineiro’s right groin that’s sore, and he injured it shagging in the outfield on Wednesday. He expects to be OK to make his start in 6 days.

* Per TLR, there’s no question as to who’s the closer. It’s Franklin as long as he’s available. He said it’s not time to hand those reins to Perez.

* All the LA natives are in the lineup today. STL lineup: Schumaker CF, Barton LF, Pujols 1B, Ludwick RF, Glaus 3B, LaRue C, Izturis SS, Wellemeyer P, Ryan 2B.

-M, hoping to catch the second half of the 600 tonight.


In hindsight, which is easy to say, I think that putting Duncan into LF late in the game cost the Cards the win.
Guess TLR was hoping his bat would make a difference.
Hard to believe the Cards Kd 16 times tonight!

We got that guy out on the basepaths though, Pierre was the guy that came around to score. If anything cost us the game, it was that wild pitch from parisi.

Yea. That or the game-winning double he gave up.

I said that about Duncan because I thought I read that he went back on the game winning hit first and that it then dropped in front of him. So if indeed he did misplay the ball, even tho no error was charged, the winning run would not have scored if he had caught the ball. But yes, the wild pitch made it possible.

reason we lost is probably those 16 strikeouts…

Like I tell others…if we get beat, just flat out beat…then I can handle that. That’s just baseball. If we give the game to them, however…by wasted opportunities, mistakes, etc….that REALLY gets me upset…

The other day, we just got beat. Tip your hat to the Dodgers and their young pitcher…(even if he did get schooled in the first inning by Albert after saying “he’s just another hitter”…even though I know what he meant…makes good blog fodder)

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