Tuesday afternoon tidbits: Pineiro looks likely to miss next start

Greetings to all. The weather forecast has been dicey, but as of right now there’s no tarp on the field and I am maintaining optimism.

Also, a personal note to friends/family — I was without a phone for a couple days, but I have one again. If you tried to reach me to no avail, that’s why. Sorry.

* If I had to guess, I would definitely guess that Joel Pineiro will not start Saturday. He said he was still too sore today to throw off a mound if he needed to, and tomorrow would be his bullpen day. Pineiro maintains strong optimism, but it’s very hard to envision him making that start. The good thing is that they could DL him, use either Parisi or call up Reyes for that start, and have him eligible to come off the DL for the next time through the rotation.

* Ludwick is not in the lineup tonight, but TLR said he’ll be in there pretty much the rest of the homestand. He basically said, for now Ludwick is playing the best, so he’ll play the most. But everybody is going to play, and with Chacon having a dramatic L-R split, this was the good night to get all the other guys in there.



As far as using the DL with retroactive dates goes, they can be put on for 15 days from the last time they played right?

Also, which do you think would happen in that scenario M? Should it be Reyes, or let the kid Parisi get his first career start and call up another bat or a bullpen arm?

Yeah, Chacon has a strong L/R split, but Lud isn’t exactly your average RH hitter versus RHPs.
As for Pineiro, I hope the team errs on the side of caution and disables him if there is any doubt. With the surprising (to some…) success this team is having, some conservatism mid-season in the interest of having guys healthy for September is not a bad thing.

I understand that LaRussa wants to give all of his outfielders playing time to keep them sharp but it isn’t working with Duncan. He has to be a regular platoon player (as opposed to being a bat off of the bench) because of his hitting because in my opinion he is a definite defensive liability. But lately he looks completely confused at the plate. What is going on with him? Tonight it looked like he wasn’t seeing the ball until it was past him. Is there any chance they’ll send him to AAA and bring up Mather?

duncan has lost all power and is definitely not seeing the ball well……we have all been hearing about mather, and i would like to see something besides a sure out for duncan right now….

So Ludwick the team leader in RBIs sits because he is RH.
Glaus played and he is RH. Why not play Miles if the RH/LH splits were so dramatic?
I think you should go with the hot bats regardless of the splits.

Sure out? Duncan has a higher OBP than our lead off guy. Playing Miles at third over Glaus is the pretty silly. He isn’t a third baseman. And Glaus is a well above average third baseman.

OK people. I’m taking this opportunity to show why I don’t put so much stock in stats. The justification for last night’s lineup (all Lefty OFs) that was put forth on this web site was Shawn Chacon’s split against lefties. Well HERE is proof of failure in that strategy. Now, granted, Looper didn’t give us much of a chance in the game, but here’s what the lefties did against Chacon last night. Schumaker 0 for 4, Duncan 0 for 3, Anks 1 for 4, Kennedy 0 for 4. ONE hit from the lefties, Anks’ double in which he didn’t come around. Meanwhile, Albert goes 4 for 4 with a HR and BRIAN BARTON, another righty, even it a HR. That’s gotta make you wonder what Luddy would have done against Chacon. And just for a more even comparison, last nights other righty hitters were Glaus 1 for 4, Molina 0 for 4, and Izturis 1 for 3. That’s 7 hits from the righties. If you don’t count Pujols 4 for 4 (just cause he’s from another planet), the righties still outhit the lefties 3 to 1. Food for thought.

And by the way, I know that Luddy will be getting plenty of playing time. I read the story. My point is we should be putting the best possible lineup out there EVERY NIGHT, regardless of which arm the pitcher uses to pitch, and that’s not what TLR does. He plays the numbers game too much for my taste, and he seems to ignore when someone is really hot. For my money I want the hottest hitters in the lineup each night. When they cool off, others will get their swings.

like I said, in my mind, play the hot bats. Plus the lefties struck out 6 times and RH twice.

I just read your article on the All-Star voting and am I the only person that is in disgust that Alfonso Soriono (hope I did it justice) is on the ballot as a top vote getting outfielder? The guy cannot catch a cold! This goes to show you that the baseball All-Star game is nothing more than a big market city popularity contest and there isnt any reason to watch it! Baseball dies another slow death with me.
Dan From DSM

soriano…..how about griffey, come on….its obviously not about the best players this year like it should be…….its names that people recognize and vote for, and i for one, think we should maybe think about taking it away from the fans as it is like this every year….the right people are not being selected

I agree pdub. It has become more like American Idol voting than an All-Star ballot, where popularity can take you farther than performance…Not good.

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