Wednesday evening tidbits: Pujols, Ankiel out

Greetings from Nationals Park, where evidently at least one more line of storms is on the way. If you’re settling in to watch the game, be prepared for a long night.

* Pujols is out at least tonight with discomfort in his left calf. TLR says best case scenario is that he’ll be back Friday in Houston, while Pujols hopes to play tomorrow. Dicey weather here mens Friday under the roof is a much better bet, it would seem.

* Ankiel is also out, probably for a couple of days, because he’s come down with an infection in his scraped right knee. He was sent back to the hotel after he was checked out and treated.

* STL lineup: Ryan 3B, Barton LF, Mather CF, Ludwick RF, Glaus 1B, Molina C, Miles 2B, Wellemeyer P, Izturis SS. Yes, that is correct — he flipped Mather and Ludwick in the outfield today.



Mather has been such a big surprise with the glove I think. It makes sense to give him a shot in CF.

Are either Pujols or Ankiel’s injuries considered to be serious right now?

Is Mather faster than Lud? Can he cover more ground out there? He is taller, but I don’t know that that makes a difference.

I’d like to see Glaus at 1st, it sounds interesting.

Glaus played an inning at first earlier this year. You can tell it isn’t his natural position, but he did pretty well. We wasnt tested a whole lot either though that inning. We’ll see. I am actually surprised that they don’t put Mather there and keep Glaus at 3rd since Ryan has some soreness. You could put the normal, no Ankiel outfield, out there and still keep Mather in the line-up getting at bats.

Good thing is, I think we’re facing a lefty then a righty…so switching up players in the lineup will be a natural change instead of just trying to keep from exhausting all of our players in both games…of course, without Ank and Pujols available, perhaps we could see Waino and/or Looper pinch hit today to save position players???

I have an idea for a lineup: CF-Skip Schumaker, LF-Brian Barton, RF-Ryan Ludwick, 1B-Joe Mather, 3B-Troy glaus, C-Yadier Molina, 2B-Aaron Miles, Pitcher, SS-Cesar Izturis.

That is exactly the lineup I was thinking except maybe flip Mather and Ludwick so Mather can get some good pitches to hit, but position wise exactly…

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