It’s very easy for me to remember some of the big birthdays, since the utterly awesome Mrs. Dude’s b-day falls a day after my dad’s. So happiest of birthdays, Mrs. Dude — love you tons and miss you.



Happy birthday Mrs. Dude!!!!

It sucks that you have to spend it away from you spouse… but I trust that Matt wil take you out for a nice evening upon his return to celebrate what all of ONYAG Nation hopes is a Happy Birthday!!

oops… OYNAG

A big tip of this old Dude’s Dodger hat to Mrs. Dude. Beautiful, wise, funny, a fearsome advocate and a loving daughter-in-law. Oh Yeah, the boy can pick ’em.

Happy birthday Mrs. Dude!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Dude! I’m sure your beloved will make up for absence on your special day. Enjoy and be blessed!

Thanks, y’all.

I spent my birthday traveling across the country for work, so it was nice to find your sweet birthday wishes to greet me this morning!

–Mrs. Dude

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