I've had a rough night and I hate the … Eagles, man!

Discombobulated notes and thoughts from a long day of ball and draft. And big, big ups to Lee Hurwitz, who pinch-hit on draft stuff at the last moment when we learned it would be a doubleheader today.

M’s reads on the draft:
* I liked the Wallace pick, because I believe he is a legitimate, big-time bat. And even if he doesn’t cut it at 3B, and even if he’s ready for the show while Pujols is still around, is it really the end of the world to have a tradeable big-time bat?

* I was much less crazy about the sandwich pick, not because there was anything wrong with Michael Lynn, but because philosophically I like higher-risk players with sandwich picks. It’s sort of like playing with house money. You get a bonus pick, use it on a high-upside guy. This fellow seems much more like a low-risk, low-reward type.

* The guy who intrigues me most other than Wallace is Scott Gorgen, who according to the reports has everything but a body that looks like a pitcher. There just sound like there are no negatives with him except that he doesn’t have the prototype body.

* Nationals Park is, well, it’s fine. It’s a huge upgrade from RFK, and it’s a very nice looking park on the outside. From the inside, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t really stand out. I put it on a tier with Cincinnati, rather than the really terrific new parks like San Francisco, Pittsburgh or even San Diego and Philly.

* You have to figure that they will make a move before Friday’s game. The most likely scenario seems to be optioning Mike Parisi with a reliever coming up. The next time through the rotation, that spot will be skipped anyway, thanks to the off day.

* I don’t really know what there is to add to the late game tonight. Truly a remarkable game, with so much that went into it. As for the early game, i was puzzled by pulling Wellemeyer, but obviously the pinch-hitter worked out well. I do think that by getting him out so early, they put themselves in a position in the late game where they had to stick with a couple of pitchers longer than they would ideally like to. Then again, staying with those pitchers worked out, to the tune of five RBIs. Funny game sometimes, and just another piece of evidence that you really should evaluate based on the decision rather than the outcome.

Your faithful correspondent will be off for a good while, recharging while the club is on the road. I’ll be back in a week and a half, ready to kick it in high gear for quite a long while.



Any chance we might see Mr. Boggs sooner or later? Heck, I’d be willing to take Hawksworth for a bit, I know he hasn’t performed well in the minors,with an ERA a little of 6, but he does have a pretty good strike out to walk ratio and I like that quite a bit. I think working with Dave Duncan and Yadier Molina would help him out quite a bit actually. I don’t know if I’d start him or not though, just use him in relief hear and there.

I don’t see a compelling reason to bring up Boggs when Parisi goes down. He’s a starter, and as Matthew says, the need for the next ten days or so will be for a reliever or two, what with a rest day coming (finally!) so that that rotation slot can be skipped. His time will come.

Good question as to which reliever to call up, though. Laying aside the question of whether Reyes really should be used as a reliever (not to mention whether TLR would actually use him), he threw yesterday, which limits his availability in Houston. But do you really want Jimenez back wearing the BotB? I don’t. And Motte isn’t fully major-league ready, either. It’s kind of a lesser-evil thing.

Yeah, we need a reliever…but it needs to be a guy who can eat some innings. After yesterday’s games, we have ZERO long relief protection. If things go south today (and possibly even Saturday) in Houston and Looper comes out early, we’re hosed…we would have to use our starters and then the off day does us no good.

So, Boggs is a logical choice right now…just because he can eat some innings if necessary.

Enjoy your R&R Matt. I am sure Lee will keep up the good work on the beat.

Can’t see that Boggs has been any improvement over Parisi as a reliever, altho Parisi’s nerves may be shot for a while after his two starts. Neither is at the level of Perez. It looks like Jimenez is one of those tantatlizing types (a 4A player maybe) that look great in the minors but never hack it in the Bigs. Maybe when he gets into his 30’s some day. After all is said, the Cards are very fortunate to have had all those guys down on the farm to staff the club this year, dodging the bullet of trading the future for established veterans. People like Ludwick, Shumacher, Ankiel, McClellan, Perez, etc are getting valuable playing time which bodes well for years to come.

Just noticed that Wellemeier is back in StL with a sore elbow. If he has to miss a start with Piniero already out, looks like Mr. A. Reyes may get yet another Major League start. Boggs can’t replace both of them.

I will be praying for Mr. A. Reyes. Praying that something clicks in his head and suddenely he figures himself out at the Big League level. The guy has such potential.

Can’t bring Reyes up without leaving him here all year…that won’t happen unless it is a true emergency. Boggs will start.

Could there possibly be any more injuries?

Ah. Good point Kev. I’m glad to hear that anyway, cause I have no faith in Reyes at all.

So Adam Winwright is hurt and on the DL!? I hate when I hear news like that on the ESPN bottom line, and there’s nothing about it on the site. I guess I’ll check MLB.com.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t even wanna talk about last night! But Mulder threw 5 shutout innings today against NW Arkansas. he scattered 5 hits, struck out 3, and walked none. He is now 3-0 in AAA with a 2.25 ERA. Clement threw the second of a double header and also threw 5 innings, giving up 5 hits and 3 runs…all earned. He also struck out 3 and walked one.

Excuse me . Clement also struck out 3 and walked NONE.

Oh, but he did hit two batters.

I was very encouraged by the start that Mulder had. I think Clemenet may need a bit more time though. Mulder I think should be started in AAA for his next one. Clement should make one more AA start, then maybe he’ll get a start in AAA for his rehab.

Mulder is 3 – 0 in “AA” not “AAA”…just a clarification on a typo…

I was at both starts yesterday…Mulder looked good…his new arm slot is impressive…and his velocity was, indeed, up from where it has been. He struggled a bit in the last couple innings, but overall, looked good. You can see him sometimes accidentally revert to his old arm slot – i think, usually, when he tries to snap off a curve ball – but very good start overall. If he can sustain that arm slot through 6 innings with control (which, by the way, his control seemed noticeably better yesterday than it was in AAA), then he could be very effective for us.

Clement, however…watching him make his second AA start yesterday, the guy just seems done as an MLB pitcher this year. He can’t get enough velocity to make his fastballs MLB worthy, and he also doesn’t have the control at this point to throw anything else consistently well-enough to make up for it. He actually should have allowed more runs yesterday than 3, but Springfield bailed him out.

I like Clement’s attitude, but in 2 AA starts after an EXTREMELY long extended Spring Training, he’s allowed 9 runs…not good. In the last couple innings of his start yesterday, it was clear the Naturals had his number and were just sitting on that BP fastball of his.

I heard he could be an option if Wellemeyer misses more time…let’s hope not…MLB hitters will eat him alive.

AH! Thanks for correcting my typo. Of course Springfield is AA and Memphis is AAA. Der…Anyways, from what I saw of the two starts on our satellite feed, I made the same assessment you did Kevin. To me Clements pitches looked flat, almost like from a pitching machine.

Hey, Dude. You ready to get back to work yet? Nothing really new since you’ve been gone!

Oh, except big news and questions galore on Albert, Waino, Carpenter, Yadi, Duncan, Izzy, Reyes, Mather, Boggs, Worrell … did I miss anything? Did you miss anything? Who would have seen all that coming in a ten day span? Look forward to you “catching up.”

Happy Dad’s day Dude!

just a few thoughts:
anyone who thinks golf is boring didn’t watch the u.s. open. i think tiger woods would have been outstanding in any sport he chose. perhaps we could talk him into becoming the left handed reliever we need.’

i simply don’t understand having chris duncan in st. louis while keeping joe mather in memphis. mather wins defense, versatility, speed and confidence. duncan barely wins hitting and only due to power, which is currently missing.

i think it’s time to deal some outfielders and right handed relievers. we need an impact bat at short or second and a lefty specialist reliever.

i don’t think the cards should deal any starting pitching. it is too volatile and we have a nice stockpile. enough to fill in for injuries.

this team reminds me of whitey ball. we’re winning with pitching and defense. the offense is just lacking a scary hitter to compliment pujols. by scary, i mean a name, like griffey jr. or holliday or young.

moziliak (sp?) is doing a very good job for a rookie. i gain confidence in him daily.

Is griffey really a scary hitter right now? The guy’s got nothing left in his bat from what I’ve seen, and if we deal for him it defeats the fact that we dealt Edmonds in December.

Of all the things to pick out of that post, I think calling Griffey a scary bat is the least of them. He’s scary enough with just the name on the jersey. And it’s not as if the guy is hitting .180 with no homeruns and 60 Ks. I don’t have a problem calling Griffey scary. And think about it, hitting in front of a guy like Pujols would CERTAINLY make Griffey even scarier. Now having said all that, I see no chance of that happening. Too much money and Griffey wants to play close to his home in Florida. As for Mather and Duncan, I agree that I’d rather see Mather up and Duncan down, BUT I think Duncan’s past performance has earned him enough respect with LaRussa that Tony may think he’ll work it out faster up here than in the minors. And Mather is obviously young and has plenty of time. He’ll be back sooner rather than later, I think.
I will say this though, kiro. Golf is INCREDIBLY boring to watch on TV! Sure Tiger is exciting, but no one else hits one-hop chip shots from the bunker, or drains 60 ft. eagle putts.
It may be captivating to some, but I think the majority of sports fans still consider golf way too boring to watch. ALTHOUGH, there is nothing better than going out and playing 18 holes.

Holliday I could see but not Griffey. Too expensive, wants to move closer to home and his best years are behind him.
Reds would want youth and I would hate to give up the future for maybe one or two good years. His bat speed has slowed considerably according to scouting reports.
Holliday has many good years left, barring injuries.

Throw Flores into whatever deal gets worked out even if we have to pay someone to take him. His inherited runners stat gets worse, all you can depend on when he comes in is walking someone. He has a WHIP of 1.76, 14 BB’s and 13 K’s. His ERA would be even worse if the guy coming in behind him didn’t shut the other side down.

I hope to see a new pre-game post up here today. It’s been a week and a half and I cant wait to get caught up on some of the action and see what the lineup tonight will be. Any more news on Yadi? I am assuming if it was pretty serious there would have already been a move to put him on the DL and bring up Anderson, so I am hopeful that we dont lose the best defensive catcher in baseball for to long.

I for one would not miss Flores one bit. I hope that as the injured hurlers start returning he is either released or sent down. He has not been reliable for the most part this season.

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