Tuesday afternoon tidbits: Injury updates galore

Hello, all! Did you miss me? It was a good stretch of time off, and I’ll be blogging about Bonnaroo soon (highlights: Against Me!, Drive-By Truckers, Pearl Jam playing “All Along the Watchtower”).

In the meantime, lots to tell from the ballpark today:

* Yadier Molina is at the park. He worked out and said he’s feeling pretty good. He wants to play tomorrow, but it’s unlikely. Thursday or Friday is a good guess.

* Chris Carpenter said that after visiting Dr. Andrews, he will not have additional surgery. The hope is that rest will heal his irritation, and he expects his down time to be very brief.

* Todd Wellemeyer has been scratched from his Thursday start. Anthony Reyes is the expected replacement. Nobody sounds too worried at this point, indicating it’s more precautionary than anything.

* STL linup: Schumaker LF, Ryan 2B, Ludwick RF, Ankiel CF, Glaus 3B, Duncan 1B, LaRue C, Pineiro P, Izturis SS.



Are we going to expect that if Reyes starts on Thursday that it will be a bullpen game or will he have a normal start?

Saw some video of Against Me! at Bonnaroo. Best Line: “Up the punx, Bonnaroo!”

Its good to have you back Dude!! Great news about Yadi! Since being sent back down how has Reyes looked? His numbers are ok, but… Any update on Pujols? Once again GREAT to have you back!!

Welcome back, Matt!

Vacations are the number two best thing in the world (number one, of course, being vacations with oogles and oogles of beer involved).

If Reyes performs well, and Mulder does in fact perform well at AAA tomorrow…is it likely Reyes could be traded within the next 2 – 3 weeks or before?

Thanks, Matt!


Good to see you back, Matthew. I did miss you. Just started reading your “Game of My Life”–excellent book. I recommend it to all Cardinals fans,and baseball fans in general.

Welcome back, Dude. So you went to Bonnaroo on your vacation? Nice!!!All I’ve heard about it is how Kanye was super late, with no apology or explanation, and got booed heavily. Is that an acceptable time to boo? From what I read it was due, at least in part, to the afformentioned Pearl Jam playing for an hour longer than scheduled.
Also I like matto’s question so I’m gonna repeat it. Do you think Reyes’ start will be a bullpen start? Or will TLR and Dunc decide that depending on the quality of his start? As a follow, do YOU think it should be a bullpen start from the get-go or a game decision?
It’s good to have our faithful correspondant back on the job! I didn’t realize how much extra we got from you til you were gone so long, and I started checking other sites.

The way the bullpen has been performing lately, or more correct, not performing, I’m not sure I would want to see a “bullpen game” on Thursday. Last night, tonight, Flores a few nights ago, not good.

Welcome back Dude… Welcome back.

Well I think a bullpen start could give some guys a chance to work thru their issues or maybe find the issue. Obviously it didn’t happen, and Thompson didn’t do any better.

I didn’t see the game — was traveling to Boston — but what was wrong with Thompson? His line looked perfectly fine, especially given how little he’s pitched.


2 runs over 5 innings isn’t bad. Perez is starting to wear down a bit i think though.

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