Reyes out, Thompson in

Anthony Reyes has been scratched from tomorrow’s start and is going on the DL with an elbow strain. Brad Thompson will be activated to take his roster spot as well as his scheduled start.



I thought at this point that the one on the DL would be Wellemeyer. How did he strain his elbow?

As I understand it Reyes mentioned the sore elbow to either Dunc or Dr. Palletia (sp.?) and they took it from there. Is it me, or do there seem to be lots of sore elbows on the roataion?

its the middle of the season, every single pitcher in the league is hurting somewhat. there has been speculation on numerous Cards forums saying that this DL move to Reyes was because of his comments to reporters recently, because Reyes has been pitching with this pain for months, and all of a sudden on the DL when he’s about to make his first start of the year? weird

I don’t buy it for a second. There’s a difference between Reyes and Wellemeyer, and it’s not comments to the Memphis paper. It’s that they’re willing to do without Reyes for 15 days, because odds are he was only going to get one start anyway. Wellemeyer, they want back in the rotation as soon as possible.

I’ll buy conspiracy theories sometimes, but trust me, if they wanted to make a point to Reyes, they would have optioned him rather than DL’ing him.


i was just throwing it out there to see what others had heard, as I was on and there werer a couple discussions on it, but thanks for the inside story, Matt!

Dude…Are you really back to work?? None of the top 5 stories on the site are written by you. Come on, dude. You didn’t really think I was NOT gonna give you some grief. Right?

I’m still wandering why the Cards won’t bring up Garcia and give him a chance. No one else has been able to do the job and the number of pithers that they have tried over and over again is getting ridiculous and still they won’t give Garcia a chance. Again, I ask , what are they waiting for? Losing three in a row to Kansas city is more than ridiculous, it is ludicrous. Even with everyone on the DAL, they should have won at least one game. It’s time for some trades!!! We need hitters and a pitcher wouldn’t hurt.

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