Molina scratched — BUT NOT ENTIRELY

OK, here’s the NEW update. Molina is DH’ing tonight. LaRue is catching. Kennedy moves from DH to 2B, Miles comes out of the lineup.

Yadier Molina was originally in tonight’s lineup, batting seventh. But TLR just told us scribes that Molina has been scratched after all. Evidently he feels just fine, and he took BP on the field, but the imPACT testing still did not fully clear him. TLR said Molina would be available to pinch-hit if needed.

More tidbits to follow.



You’d have to say that worked well, wouldn’t you? I despise the DH rule, but getting Yadi back (productively!) into the game while sparing him wear and tear must be a good thing.

That said, I hope we didn’t win the battle but lose the war. Matt, can you please keep us posted on Iz2’s hamstring? And while you’re at it, can you find a LOOGY out there somewhere? Flores is just getting intolerable.

Flores had nothing again last night. Even the guys in the broadcast booth are remarking that he has lost confidence and has nothing on the ball. I was hoping his last outing might have restored him a bit, but obviously, not yet.

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