Thompson out, Parisi in

Greetings from one of my favorite towns, not to mention my old stomping grounds. Had a delicious sub from Pinocchio’s in Harvard Square, picked up a new Kay Hanley album that I didn’t even know was out yet, and now I’m coming to you live from the Fens.

To no one’s real surprise, Brad Thompson’s outing on Thursday was a one-shot deal, and Mike Parisi is back up to add some relief innings.



I was encouraged by both Thompson and Izzy last night. Any news on the trade front on the possibility of adding another bat?

I, for one, am glad to see Parisi get another shot. He was actually pretty successful in the long relief role before being thrown to the wolves in his two starts.

Pitchers Hit Eighth

I’m excited to see Parisi get the call back to St Louis.

He performed well in the long relief role earlier this year, let him have his shot at nailing down that role long term.

Thompson up, Parisi down, Parisi up, Thompson down, Jiminez up, Parisi down, Parisi up, Jiinez down, Reyes up, Reyes on the DL. How long can this go on? It is really confusing me. None of the above can do the job at the major league level and they have been given chance after chance to do the job. I have no idea what LaRussa or Duncan are doing and I wonder if they do. Wouldn’t some of these pitchers make good trade material? Once again, no one is mentioning the Cardinals getting any of the big names that may be traded by other teams as they fall out of contention. Why is that?

so you’re wondering if a pitcher that hasn’t really cut it at the ML level would be good trade bait? Probably not. As far as none of the available names that the Cards would trade for, there are a couple of reasons:
1) It’s June
2) Asking price is too much.

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