Tuesday afternoon tidbits: El Hombre arrives

After spending nine hours in transit from Boston yesterday, I’ve never in my life been so happy to get to Detroit. And by the way, I have no idea how I made it 33 years without discovering Potbelly sandwiches. Yum! Anyway…

* Pujols had an extensive workout today. If he feels good tomorrow, he’ll do a normal pregame workout with a target of being ready Thursday, the day he is eligible to be activated.

* Molina is the starting catcher. Adam Kennedy is the starting first baseman (yes, you read that right).

* Mulder’s back injury is being downplayed, and he has not been ruled out for Kansas City. Either he or Boggs will start the Saturday game. He will get to Detroit tomorrow and be checked out.

* Chris Perez is sick and went back to the team hotel.

* Todd Wellemeyer threw a bullpen late this afternoon but I have not heard how it went. However, unless something surprising happens, he’s on track for a Thursday start.

* Tom Crean is here, and he brought Packers coach Mike McCarthy with him.



Kennedy is not only the starting 1B, but against a LEFTY!? TLR must have more than a few screws loose!

TLR doesn’t have that many options. Duncan, Shumaker and Larue are on the bench. Should save Larue in case Molina gets hurt or feeling bad. Barton in LF, Ankiel in CF and Ludwick in RF. Can Kennedy do much worse than Duncan has been doing? Why not shake it up a little?

And Kennedy played very well at first base tonight. In the 9th made two big plays to keep the score where it is. One was on the recieving end of a throw from Ryan and the other was the hard hit grounder by Pudge to win the game. A pleasant surprise I’d say.

OK… I was wrong to judge. Kennedy did pretty good. And hey, we finally won a game against the Tigers in the regular season! I’ll be heading to CoPa tomorrow night – hopefully the Birds win when I’m in attendance!

Joel, my wife, the boys and I will be there, too… two sweeps in a row in DT have left us sad, it was great to get a win tonight. BTW, the Fox Sports Detroit guys generated frequent high praise for the team this evening (even if they overused the word scrappy).

It’s off topic, but how about Jimmy Edmonds! I hate that he’s playing for the Flubs, but man I like Jimmy. Way to prove everybody wrong! He shoulda retired a Cardinal.

If he goes to Cooperstown, it will be with the Cards. That’s enough for me.

Hey Dude whats with using the word nefarious? Anyway… Adam Kennedy played well last night. It is good to see the offense coming around!!

I’ve been wondering about the Dude, myslef. It’s like he’s been hangin’ with Jeff Suppan lately. Word of the day…moxie? nefarious? Dude, are you trying to display your smarts or what?

Did I misuse nefarious? Or overuse it?

(also, when have I used moxie? I don’t like that word in general and rarely use it)


M, any news on el hombre’s recovery after his workout yesterday?

So sorry, Dude. It was the editor who wrote the headline that used moxie. I thought I remembered seeing it in the text too, but I looked again and “misremembered”. HA!! I had to.

He went through normal work today. I’m assuming he plays tomorrow, but may know more postgame tonight.


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