Pujols in, Flores out

Pujols activated, batting 3rd, DH’ing.

Flores on DL with left ankle tendinitis.

Boggs to bullpen in case needed, keeping them at 8 relievers.

Mulder just threw a bullpen, so it seems he could still start Saturday.



Something had to be done with Flores. Hopefully he can get right. Glad Pujols is back. Who’s going to play first today?

Glaus. Odd lineup, I’ll have an explanation when the second version of my Pujols story goes up in a while.


Why didn’t ryan play third and miles play short? I can’t believe we just blew another save!

Parisi is now warming up. I have a feeling this is going to end badly.

You had the right to be worried, UW. Our ‘pen can’t throw strikes to save their lives! Sounds like Dave will need to really work with them on how to throw strikes! We could’ve won a lot more games than we have, and our faithful ‘pen has come to the rescue!

Hey hunter, your feeling was absolutely right. Oh boy, got to love this Cardinals bullpen, best in all of baseball. Notice the sarcasm. I really want a new bullpen, this bullpen sucks.

We are 4 and 6 in our last 10 games and have lost those 6 games by a total of 9 runs. The cards need some bullpen help badly.

I held my toungue after the extra innings loss in Boston…. but I have seen nothing of Parisi that has indicated to me that he is a Big League pitcher. I know that someone somewhere is seeing something that I’m not, but it just seems to me that when Parisi toes the rubber, we may as well score it in the loss column.

I don’t know what he was looking at the umpire for……. ball four wasn’t even close.

Cards pen has most blown saves in MLB. Coming into last night the pen had 16 blown saves. They also rank 24th in bullpen ERA at 4.23. Mo seriously needs to upgrade the bullpen if the Cards are going to make a run.

These stats don’t reflect yesterday or todays numbers which obviously won’t help:
ERA: 4.23 7th highest in MLB
Wins: 9 – T 3rd fewest
Losses: 16 T-3rd Most
Saves: 24 – 7th highest total
Blown Saves: 16 T-most
Opp BAVG: .260 – 8th highest total
Hits: 238 – 9th highest total
BB: 115 – 8th highest total
K: 178 – 4th lowest total

I agree with underwater. I think the number that hurts the worst is the 115 walks. It is incredibly dangerous when the bullpen pitchers can’t throw a bloody strike when they need one. They gave up three runs tonight and 2 OF THEM THEY WALKED IN. It makes it a lot easier on the opposition when they don’t have to lift the bat off of their shoulders to score. This isn’t the first time this has happened this season either. I don’t recall the details but I’m pretty sure they’ve walked in at least six runs in the last couple of weeks alone. If Mo does go looking for somebody it better be somebody who can throw a strike. It’s not just the rookies either. I’m pretty sure that Villone, Flores , and Isringhausen have all done it.

Flores ankle injury brings to mind an old movie,
“they shoot horses don’t they?”

Springer did it the other day, too…

has anyone ever really figured out why La Russa bats the pitcher 8th?? it’s random I know but it’s so different, No one else does it and I just don’t know why he thinks it’s going to help ???

He’s trying to go for the concept of a second leadoff hitter pretty much, that way if the number nine leader leads off the innings, we have a chance to have 3 people on base for Pujols.

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