Three Baby 'Birds going to Futures Game

They just announced the Futures Game rosters for Sunday, July 13 at Yankee Stadium. Your faithful correspondent will be there.

Playing for the US team will be Bryan Anderson, who is making a return trip, and Jess Todd. Another sign of the regard in which Todd is held; the guy is pretty exciting.

Playing for the World team will be Jaime Garcia.



I held my toungue after the extra innings loss in Boston…. but I have seen nothing of Parisi that has indicated to me that he is a Big League pitcher. I know that someone somewhere is seeing something that I’m not, but it just seem to me that when Parisi toes the rubber, we may as well score it in the loss column.

I don’t know what he was looking at the umpire for……. ball four wasn’t even close.

um…dude…keep holding your toungue…please…better than posting an unrelated message on multiple threads.

Please. Don’t. Hijack. Threads.

Thank you.


No Rasmus?

Not this season. He was slumping a bit too much at the AAA level in the beginning of the season. That doesn’t mean he still isn’t OUR future, but just that it is on hold for a better time.

That’s pretty darn impressive that Todd has made such an impact so fast…amazing. Watching him pitch, the guy reminds me of David Eckstein on the mound…his whole body seems to load up to throw the ball…pretty fun to watch.

What level is Todd at now? Is he up to AA or AAA?

Jess Todd is at AA Springfield. In 9 starts, 55 innings, he is 2-2 with a 1.79 ERA. He has 37Ks and 11BBs and opposing hitters are batting .205 against him. He is only 22, 5-11 about 210 pounds.

What is his pitch selection?

Apparently very good, if he’s got those numbers.

Raz STARTED the season in a horrendous slump, but for the last month he has been destroying everything in his path. Couple that to his track record and he still looks more like a “Future” player to me than Todd or Anderson — although I will agree that Todd in particular has been a startlingly pleasant surprise so far.

bcotner, I think the answer you’re looking for is Todd throws a mid 90s fastball, a hard slider, a changeup, and I saw him throw curveballs at Arkansas. He had hinted of scraping the curve, but it was pretty sharp his senior year.

I think the answer you were looking for is his repertoire. He throws a mid 90s fastball, a hard slider, a curve, and a chnageup. At least that’s what he threw at Arkansas.

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