June 2008


It’s very easy for me to remember some of the big birthdays, since the utterly awesome Mrs. Dude’s b-day falls a day after my dad’s. So happiest of birthdays, Mrs. Dude — love you tons and miss you.


It's still the 4th in Central Time…

…so by at least one measure, it’s still not too late to say this:

A big, big, big happy birthday to my dad. Because honestly, with no disrespect to any of your dads out there, I have the best dad in the history of humankind (best mom too, truth be told).

Thank you for everything, and I love you.


Wednesday evening tidbits: Pujols, Ankiel out

Greetings from Nationals Park, where evidently at least one more line of storms is on the way. If you’re settling in to watch the game, be prepared for a long night.

* Pujols is out at least tonight with discomfort in his left calf. TLR says best case scenario is that he’ll be back Friday in Houston, while Pujols hopes to play tomorrow. Dicey weather here mens Friday under the roof is a much better bet, it would seem.

* Ankiel is also out, probably for a couple of days, because he’s come down with an infection in his scraped right knee. He was sent back to the hotel after he was checked out and treated.

* STL lineup: Ryan 3B, Barton LF, Mather CF, Ludwick RF, Glaus 1B, Molina C, Miles 2B, Wellemeyer P, Izturis SS. Yes, that is correct — he flipped Mather and Ludwick in the outfield today.