Waino still bueno

Greetings all…

Evidently there’s a rumor swirling the Internets that Adam Wainwright encountered a significant setback today. I was just flatly told by John Mozeliak that the rumor is simply false and that Wainwright threw yesterday.



Mulder out after 1/3 of an inning… man, what disappointment. I’m second guessing that trade now.

WHEW, Thank God that was a false report on Wainright…that’s the last thing we need right now!

someone stated on a forum yesterday that orel hershiser said these comments yesterday before the game on ESPN(said that waino encountered a setback)…and was discussed heavily yesterday on many sites…….so thats great news that that was false…

I’ve been second guessing the Mark Mulder trade for a long time.

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