The Manhattan Espresso Tour

Greetings, all…

Coming to you from NYC, where I’m participating in’s All-Star coverage. I hope to be doing semi-regular ASG blogging again, like last year.

Currently down in the bowels of Yankee Stadium, writing my stories from this afternoon’s media availability and awaiting the HR Derby. The city is definitely abuzz, and it’s been a great time being here.

As for your faithful correspondent, I’ve been working my way through the city’s best espresso joints. Somebody’s gotta do it…



Have a great time Matt.
Any updates on Mulder?

How does it feel, M? To be in Yankee Stadium in it’s final season, covering the Midseason Classic. It would be a dream to many, including myself.

I’m so depressed that I’ve never been to Yankee Stadium…ugh…the pain…and now, I’ll never get to go…

Have a great time, Matt!

Dear sir,
Your wife humbly requests that you not forget her brownies in all of the espresso-a-go-go madness.

Mrs. Dude

Dear ma’am,
Fret not — your husband does not wish to sleep on the couch, and therefore will return with brownies.


I got nothing at this point on Mulder… sorry.

And, yeah, I’m really geeked to be here. It’s my 4th ASG, and I always love the assignment. The game has lost some in the eyes of many, but I still remember being a kid and just LIVING for that night. This one, though — yeah, it’s special. Hope I can convey some of it to y’all…


Very cool, M. If it were me I’d probably have a hard time working. Instead I can see myself walking the bowels of Yankee stadium, thinking about all of the legends who have walked the same halls…both players and journalists. Awesome! I can’t wait til next year when it’s at Busch.

Good story on Pujols and the ASG. I am now a big fan of Clint Hurdle’s. I liked him before, but now he’s the man!

M, have a great time. Take plenty of pictures (and feel free to share.) I’ve got Hamilton taking the Derby. May the NL finally pull one out tomorrow. Is there any word on Carpenter’s simulated game?

Great story on Pujols. One thing that has always captured my attention about Pujols is that he is not only honored to be in the ASG, but gets excited and wants to play and compete and do anything to help his team win. Let’s hope as Cardinals fan that that “anything” doesn’t include any kind of injury, but his competitive nature makes him want to do his best for the team.
Truly a man of good character, which is one of the many reasons St. Louis loves him. (His bat doesn’t hurt either)

Josh Hamilton is just amazing to watch right now. He’s coming close to hitting the ball out of yankee stadium. It is wonderful to watch this man after all he has been through, to make a recovery like this. Truly a great thing for kids to follow and aspire to.

i couldn’t agree more, heymatto…though i think that he actually DID hit one out…i believe it was is second shot, right to the alley he said he thought he could hit it out at…the camera panned down past the wall and no ball fell. from what berman said, i thought it went out…anyway, regardless, one of the only things that could top this as an addition to this already amazing story is him winning the MVP. absolutely incredible to watch.

Indeed, Hamilton is an amazing and inspiring story. That guy was UNBELIEVABLE. I don’t recall ever seeing a guy hit the ball as hard and as consistently as he did in Round 1. I also think his choice of his pitcher for the HR Derby is great and indicates his character. I wish the guy all the success in the world. What a great story.

aw…such an anticlimactic finish…disappointing, but still an impressive showing

As great as this All-Star game was, I can’t wait until next year’s!!!!!!!!!!!

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