Carp Wednesday

Pending a successful bullpen session tomorrow, Chris Carpenter will start Wednesday in Atlanta.



Thank-you Lord! Go get’em Carpie!

WOW!!!!! I never expected to see Carp back before Wainwright. Question; As I am ingorant in the matter of injuries, What takes so long to recover from a sprained finger??

WHoooooooo Hooooooooo!

Re: Waino’s finger…

It’s the fact that that finger takes all the torque and pressure when Waino “snapps off” the breaking ball…if it isn’t completely healed, then it will retear…

Bit more than a sprain, really…

I understand that, but why does it take so long to heal?

um…not sure…but I would guess because the tissue the sheath is made of doesn’t heal as fast as muscle tissue, etc….plus, everyone in the organization said they had almost zero experience with this type of injury, so I would bet they are being very cautious…if you compare it to Albert’s calf injury, he can come back before it feels 100% because he can be careful with it…it’s not 100%, but it’s healed enough to play…with Adam’s finger, that’s not an option. It HAS to be 100% or else he will reinjure it.

That’s all I got🙂

so, maybe in short – it takes so long because it has a high likelihood of reinjury occurring…🙂

Hey, MATT…Any news on how Waino’s breaking ball attempt went today??? Is he okay? Feel a pop? A soda? A coke?

(see what i did there? pop = soda = coke..hehe)

Oh, just got it off FSN…55 pitches, several breaking pitches, little tentative at first, but all good…Waino actually said he figures a couple more throwing sessions…

I’m telling you…Piniero needs to come out of this rotation

This has almost become Kevin’s thread…

In any case, like TLR says about these situations, they have a way of working themselves out.

That made no sense. Why let Izzy bat with runners on second and third, then replace him with Villone the next half inning? Didn’t TLR say the problem in the Milwaukee series was a lack of offensive production? If we lose tonight and he blames it on lack of run support, he may need to have his head examined. I’m just saying…

k…i’ll stop postin’ then…later

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GO GET FUENTES NO MATTER THE COST> YOU SUCK FRANKLIN SAME TO YOU IZZY (you’re the pebble that caused this avalanche). They need to get your negative impact out of the club house.

Do we all know the definition of insanity? Perhaps someone could inform TLR. Ryan Franklin is not a closer.


Don’t stop posting Kevin. Just cause Matt’s too busy doesn’t mean we don’t like getting info…especially those of us not near St.Louis.

Any chance that Kinney comes back this season?

Yeah, I didn’t mean that I didn’t like seeing Kevin post, far from it. I was just remarking that he seemed to be the only one on here for a bit. No offense intended Kev, and my deepest apologies if you took any.

I was just going to mention the definition of insanity . . . somebody beat me to it. At the start of the Mets at bat in the 9th, I said “he’ll give up a home run for the tie, then we’ll lose in extra innings”. Half-true so far, I hope they prove me wrong the rest of the way. Second thoughts about putting Wainwright in the bullpen? We know he can close. The trouble is, he can also start. Will Kinney or Johnson be back this season? We need help!!! I’m ready to give Aaron Miles a shot at closing!

haha…no no…I really didn’t take any offense…just didn’t want anyone to feel like I was cluttering up the threads🙂

dude…in the words of a random poster on the forums of the post dispatch: “It doesn’t even hurt anymore.”

and that was in reference to the game tonight

Johnson is out for the year with shoulder surgery. No clue on Kinney yet. It stings a little still Kev. It still stings.


Wainwright needs to be a starter and eat some innings. What about moving Looper to the closer role?

I agree with you there Brian. We need all the pitchers that can go 7 innings a game in the rotation. I’d like to see Looper go to closer on Wed. when Carpenter comes back, then when Wainwright comes back move Wellemeyer to middle relief and send McClellan to Memphis and Franklin I don’t know what happened to him, the guy supposedly has 9 pitches why does he get hit around so much? Problem with him is he makes too much go to AAA. I’d like to see Boggs stay in the rotation too, the guy has some talent and needs MLB experience.

I understand what St. Louis is doing they’re trying to build a team like the A’s and Twins to where they’re bringing it up from the farm system, but with one difference… They’ll resign their prospects. Just like what they did with Pujols. I also respect the Cardinals’ goal in their strategy by doing this too.

In closing, I hope Reyes has a great career in Cleveland.

I echo you on the last part Scott. Best of luck to Anthony in Cleveland, and have a hall of fame career there.

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