Carpenter in, Flores out

In order to activate Chris Carpenter, the Cardinals have optioned Randy Flores to Memphis.



Wow. I thought Flo was doing a bit better since off of the DL. Be interesting to see how the pen shakes out with only one lefty.

Both good moves. Carp did well first time out, didn’t he? Hope Flores can figure out what’s ailing him this year.

I was a little shocked at the 4th inning pull, but pleased with his outing. If you consider it a 3rd rehab start, then it’s a very good outing. Lets hope for similar, but deeper outings in future.

IRT pulling Carp after 4, on the premise he was not ailing, it made sense to go easy on him and not get greedy for a lot of innings the first time out. I will be happy to see him pulled after five next time out if he pitches as well as he did tonite.

Matt – is Skip really injured or did he just get traded?

I say Carp is starting out on the right foot. Now, can we get a new bullpen?

To me it is a no-brainer. The Cards have a future closer now and maybe one for the rest of the year in Perez. Surely they see that and will begin using him in the closer role. He may make a mistake once in a while but his stuff is so much better than anyone in the Cards bull pen. When Wainright comes back, if they are going to use him in the bullpen for a while, he could be the set up mand and Perez can be the closer. We still have a cance to make the playoffs, but not if they keep using the people out of the bullpen that they have been using. That includes Villone, Isringhousen, and Franklin. Someone has to go!

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