Late night stuff: Schumaker, Ohman

* Skip Schumaker came out of the game with a hamstring cramp. He’s
still a Cardinal, and he should be available to play tomorrow.

His comment:

It’s hot as hell out there, and obviously I didn’t
hydrate enough. I slid into second and just locked up, like a baseball in my
hamstring. As soon as I straightened up, I was fine.”

* Don’t get too ahead of yourselves on the Will Ohman frenzy. My friend and colleague Mark Bowman reports that Ohman to STL is not only not a done deal, but is highly unlikely to happen.



If all this front office can do is get Will Ohman I sure hope they don’t give up much for him…All these players that are available and that is all they can do for a team that is right in the middle of the playoff hunt? Pathetic!

The deal I would love to see would be a Mather, Shumacker and a low minor leaguer to Boston for Manny I know his defense isnt the best but he is the most prepared hitter in the game and hitting him behind Albert would be awsome!

Why do we need Manny? Skip is doing a good job as a leadoff hitter, Ludwick is playing great baseball right now, Ankiel should be hopefully better and in the meantime Mather and Stavinoah have been filling in fine for him. Manny is getting old and is a huge headache. If he wasn’t such a problematic guy I’d be more behind it, but right now we have enough from the OF, and I’d rather focus on areas like the pen and possibly middle infield.

If you want Manny, how about adding Barry Bonds? WOOOW! The lineup would be awesome. I don’t think the defense or the clubhouse would be anything short of awful. But, if you want bats – there is your fantasy. I’m content to stick with the quality young scrappers we have. They are fun to watch, and they give all they have got.

If Manny comes to St. Louis it wouldn’t change my mind about him. I can’t stand him. He isn’t a baseball player, he is a hitter. His defense is torrid, his selfish attitude is even worse, and the drama he creates is freaking ridiculous. Thank God that will never happen. The front office won’t bring in a guy like that to tear up the locker room… Anyway enough about that. Great outing for Carp!! A little short, but that will come… I am excited for the rest of this season. I am content with the roster we have. It would be nice to get a reliever, but I dont know who I would want to give up. Dunc and Garcia maybe for a proven reliever, but that is about it.

I can understand wanting to give up Chris Duncan. He’s not exactly the greatest of fielders in left field, and in my opinion, isn’t meant to be a left fielder. I think he’ll either end up as a 1B or a DH some day. But why Garcia?

It won’t matter how well Carp and Wainwright pitch coming off the DL. Neither will put in a lot of innings initially and our bullpen, especially late can’t hold a lead. We needed help for the 7,8, 9th innings and the front office was scared to make a move. Nothing really changes in St. Louis. Other teams want to win the pennant and will do what it takes to give their team a chance. St. Louis will hope that all the stars align and the baseball gods are in their favor and somehow they will sneak in. Don’t count on it this year!

There weren’t any major moves for bullpen pitchers tonight. That tells you something about the price of the pitchers being offered. It was way too high.

OK Manny is one of the greatest hitters ever and I can deal with him not making every play but you cannot tell me that Skip could be equal to Manny the guys a hitting God! and thats the problem with the Cards they need someone that can protect Albert consistantly another thing you have to look at is that Manny is going to have a chip on his shoulder being that he is a potential free agent (if LA dont pick his option up) and the fact that everyone thinks he is selfish but lets put it in terms most would understand if you were one of a handful at your job and your boss was always saying they were going to get rid of u wouldnt you start watching out for number 1? All I can say is that we could have given a better package for some power than anyone of the teams the problem I can see is that the Pirates were involved.

I said Garcia to add some value to the deal… lol Dunc isn’t worth much well now he isn’t worth anything since it is a herniated disc he has… Yes I can say I would rather have Skip than Manny… Skip is a team player and relishes in whatever role he is asked of… he is the only half way legitimate lead off guy we have, and his defense is just as much of a make up over Manny’s defense as Manny’s offense is over Skip’s…
Manny > .299 20 HR 86 SO
Schumaker > .302 6 HR 43 SO
So the power numbers aren’t there that is it…

Where would you put Manny anyways? No DH, Ludwick leads the team in RBI, Skip is a very good leadoff hitter, he can’t play center. No spot for him.

Why do we need Manny? I’m confused here. Skip has been an excellent leadoff hitter for us, and a great defensive player, if we take him out of the lineup, we don’t have a leadoff hitter. Ankiel is a great hitter and has played some wonderful defense for us out there in centerfield. And Ludwick leads the teams in RBI’s, and has been a good defensive right fielder for us. So lets see, let Manny take Schumaker’s spot and you have no leadoff guy, let Manny take Ankiel spot and you lose an important bat in this lineup, let Manny take Ludwicks spot and you lose the guy with the most RBI’s on the team. And to top it all of, you’re losing defense at every position. Oh and no to mention you’d have to give up some young talent in order to get Manny, meaning we take away or future for the present. Hm, I’d rather stay with what we have than to go out and get Manny.

Only thing I have wrong with what you said is that you made mention of Manny in center, and didn’t make it somewhat more entertaining. I think it would be funny–but detrimental to any team–to see him in CF.
Now I will defend him on something:
His arm may not be that great, and he doesn’t have as good of a range as he used to, but he did play the monster pretty well, and not many guys have done that.

He played the monster well cause he was to lazy to run back towards the wall to try and catch something so he just let careem off the wall and to him…

A ball hits high off that wall and you’re running after it there is going to be trouble, could become one more base than usual.

I’ll give him that I guess. I just cant stand him…

If the Cardinals had a DH, which I’m against in the NL, but if they did, I would be all for getting Manny, as long as we didn’t have to give up too much to get him. Reason being is that he’s a great hitter, no doubt about it, he’s a great hitter, but that might be all he is, as someone suggest, a hitter, not a fielder, not a team player, just a hitter.

Can we put Piniero in the bullpen next week and get by with a four man rotation: Lohse, Carp, Loop, Wellemeyer for a month or so?

Why are we doing nothing to sign Kyle Lohse for next year? I know we never work on contracts during the season, but could we make an exception? This guy seems to want to stay in StL and he sure makes us a better team.

With Yadi batting over .300 for the first time, can he win a Gold Glove this year? Yeah, I know it is a defensive award not an offensive, and yeah I know he didn’t even make the All Star team this year, but will his batting finally convince others that he is the premier catcher that he is?

Because Lohse’s agent is Boras. Boras likes to get players huge contracts for large sums of money. And after Lohse’s big year, it’s gonna be big. Batting average doesn’t determine if a player wins a gold glove, their defense does, so only his defense is a factor on whether he’ll win a gold glove or not.

IDK about that… His offense gets him noticed more… They dont look at those numbers, but it does matter… Yadi has already gotten screwed out of at least one gold glove to a guy with better offensive numbers than him…

The managers at the end of the year are the ones who vote for who gets the gold glove. They can not vote on their own players. And they look at defensive numbers to determine whether the guy gets a gold glove or not. Yadier Molina has performed well enough to get a gold glove, his offense was not a factor in him not getting the vote. For some reason, other managers just didn’t vote on him.

Did you hear last night even the announcers said that Russel Martin won the Gold Glove based a lot on his offensive performance…? I know it doesn’t factor into that stats that are supposed to be looked at… I know that… but the catchers with the better offensive numbers get put the foreground.

If you ask me, that’s freaking retarded. Offensive numbers should have no effect on whether a player wins a gold glove.

I completely agree… That is why I think Yadi got screwed last year…

Also Yaddy missed like a month with that hand injury. And some time at the end of the season.

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