July 2008

The Manhattan Espresso Tour

Greetings, all…

Coming to you from NYC, where I’m participating in MLB.com’s All-Star coverage. I hope to be doing semi-regular ASG blogging again, like last year.

Currently down in the bowels of Yankee Stadium, writing my stories from this afternoon’s media availability and awaiting the HR Derby. The city is definitely abuzz, and it’s been a great time being here.

As for your faithful correspondent, I’ve been working my way through the city’s best espresso joints. Somebody’s gotta do it…


Not done yet, but…

Cards are expecting to put Mulder on the DL tomorrow before the game starts. Jaime Garcia is the likely player to be called up, and they believe it’s do-able in time for the early start tomorrow.

Really a shame for Mulder, who has been through so much. What everyone said — and I echo it — is that most of all it’s unfortunate for the guy himself. I wish him luck in trying to get right.


Waino still bueno

Greetings all…

Evidently there’s a rumor swirling the Internets that Adam Wainwright encountered a significant setback today. I was just flatly told by John Mozeliak that the rumor is simply false and that Wainwright threw yesterday.


Shameless self-promotion

I’ll be doing a book signing at Left Bank Books (hooray independent bookstores!) in the Central West End tomorrow (Thursday, July 3) at 7 pm CT. Come on down!