Carp to DL, Barton activated

Cardinals placed Chris Carpenter on the 15-day DL and activated Brian Barton. Details to follow.



wow… that isn’t good news… Makes me think they might be hiding something…

Hiding what? The guy hasn’t thrown since his last start, so it’s pretty clear he won’t be starting in the next few days. So why not DL him? A DL stint is 10 more days from now.


I thought it was only a mild strain. Was this done primarily to get Barton back on the roster?

Again — all it NEEDS to be is a mild strain for it to make sense to DL him. DL’ing him basically means missing one more start. That’s all it guarantees.

I honestly thought this bordered on not news at all. I’m surprised by the reaction here and elsewhere. If a starter is going to miss two starts, you should DL him.


I think we’re all just a little paranoid about injuries and Carp, no matter how small they scare us a bit.

The next 2 weeks, they have 2 off days oer week. Easy to go with a 4 man rotation. No big deal to DL Carp. Better safe than sorry.

And it may well linger or turn out to be worse than currently believed, any number of possibilities. Obviously you can’t rule anything out until he’s back pitching in games.

But as for the move itself, I don’t really think it signals anything other than reasonable, expected caution and expediency.


well I hope for the best. Thanks for the updates M.

Yeah you are right dude… My bad I didn’t look at it that way I guess…

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