Friday evening tidbits: Carp, Waino, etc

Greetings from Cincinnati, where it’s a beautiful night.

* Carpenter was placed on the DL with a strain of the teres major muscle in the back of his shoulder. Brian Barton was activated in his place. Per Dave Duncan, they’re aiming for the Aug. 29-31 series in Houston for him to be back in the rotation.

* IF everything goes really well for Wainwright tomorrow night at Springfield, his next appearance could be for the Cardinals. IF. And still no official declaration on how he’ll be used.

* LaRue is starting tonight, but it’ll be Molina the next two games. TLR didn’t say this explicitly, but I seem to recall that they like the way LaRue and Thompson have worked together.

* Ankiel in LF again tonight. TLR: “I think he’s still running with some restraints. I think when you see him in center field, you’ll know he’s 100 percent.”

* If you haven’t heard “Stay Positive” by The Hold Steady, go find it. Wow. My favorite new album in months — dating back at least to the Foo Fighters late last year and honestly I’d say even longer than that. Just killer.

* T-minus 13 days till college football kicks off. I’ll have a full top-10 in a few days, but I think my preseason No. 1 is Ohio State. Georgia is pretty awesome, but I can’t see any weaknesses on that tOSU team. Scary, scary bunch.



At least this made room for Barton. Was looking at the active roster a few minutes ago, wondering how they made room for him. When does the club get to expand their roster??? September XX?

Hope Carp takes care of himself, if it were me, I would sit out the rest of the season before takning a chance on further injury. Mulder’s experience needs to be kept in mind.

September 1st rosters expand to 40 men.

So who goes down when Wagonmaker is activated? Mather?

Depends on when he gets activated. As is the axiom: “These things have a way of working themselves out”

The Hold Steady albums — Stay Positive and Boys and Girls in America — fueled my drives ’round Florida and off to Memphis. Strong stuff. Good cruising, good speaker-blasting stuff. There is a Q & A with the lead singer in the current issue of Rolling Stone. Worth picking up for that — and, of course, the latest Matt Taibbi political skewering.


Can someone please explain to me why Wainrights status depends on what type of condition Carpenter is in? It seems like our bullpen is finally starting to get comfortable and just at the right time with McClellan as the primary setup man and Perez at the closers role. Whether Carp is healthy or not (Which I hope to God we finally get some good luck) I don’t know why there is even a discussion to put one of the best young starters back in the rotation. What is our front office gonna do tell Wainright that we would much rather trade his 7+Quality innings for 1-2 innings of relief and tell Perez he isn’t do a good enough job? Come on Management show you at least have some clue what your doing! IF Carp gets healthy you have a dominant 1-2 punch! P.S. your 13 game winner hasn’t exactly looked dominant lately..more reason to take all the quality starters that you have.

I echo everything you said Slata. Putting Waino in the rotation along with Carp, and the way that our 3-5 pitchers have been throwing, plus Lohse has been good (not as strong as earlier in the year but still good) we could have a pretty nice rotation, moving probably JP to the pen.

BTW, anyone else notice that the offense goes pindrop silent lately with Lohse on the hill? If we could have gotten some offensive support in his previous couple of starts (even that one in FL where we failed to score after the first) he may have been better off.

The key to understanding the WW question is looking at who he’d be replacing. If Carp is unable to go, then WW, in effect, replaces the fifth starter, and the probable gain in performance and results is enough to make that a no-brainer — replace a guy with a 5+ ERA with one who’ll likely put up a 3.50 ERA, and you’ve improved the team, period. But if Carp is able to start, then WW slots in for someone who’s putting up an ERA around 4.20 or maybe even better, and the incremental gain by having WW start is not nearly as great. Under those conditions it makes sense to consider whether a greater incremental gain is possible by jettisoning the last guy in the pen (Izzy? Thompson, who incidentally would be that “fifth starter”?) in favor of a lights-out reliever. Yes, if the result of getting WW back is that Perez sits or goes down, that would be a mistake. But based on present evidence, he’s not the one who loses out.

So your actually going to try to sell to me that the team isn’t better if Wainright replaces Piniero? And who does WW replace in the pen..If it’s either the 8th inning guy McClellan or 9th Perez who have both been lights out lately, are you improving the team at all? Thompson and Izzy are both long/middle relief and if your going to put WW there you might as well let him start and put some innings out there. WW is better then any starter we have with exception to a healthy Carp. Period!

Waino helps most as a starter. He’s been raised as a starter in the minors, has had more MLB experience as a starter (and has been a top tier one at that), and seems more comfortable in that role. Granted the postseason saves are huge, but there’s no guarantee that he can be a closer again (remember he was already relieving for a couple of innigns for the most part that season) after starting for as long as he has. Perez has been trained as a closer, and is doing well as one so far. You make your team based on everyone’s strengths. WW is best as a starter, and has been one of the top starters in baseball since 2007. You don’t take a power hitter and make him a slap hitter, you don’t take an ace and make him a bullpen arm.

Couldn’t of said it better myself Matto!

Great to see Barden driving in and scoring a run in the 11th for Team USA. Lets hope he brings back some gold too!

Hooray for the Cards starting WW on Friday! Let’s hope they realize what some of us do and he is better off staying there instead of going to the back end of the bullpen just because Carp gets healthy.

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