Monday tidbits: Barton to DL

Greetings, all…

* Brian Barton has been placed on the DL, and Nick Stavinoha has been recalled from Memphis.

* Joel Pineiro is still listed as available in the bullpen but will start Monday in Phoenix.

* Rick Ankiel is still limited to LF.

* Colby Rasmus is not expected to be among the September callups, even if he gets healthy quickly.

More to follow on the site, of course.



Okay, we just called Barton off the DL, did we call him back too soon? Either way, best of luck to him and hope he gets healthy.

Will will Rick be able to start playing again in CF?

And darn, I was hoping to see Rasmus this year. I’m eager to see what he can do at the majors.

Not sure what reason there is to think that Barton came back too quickly. He had a 3-week rehab assignment, and the injury is to his oblique, not his wrist.


Alright, I just didn’t know what the injury was too. And he went back on the DL shortly after coming off of it, so I thought it had to do with the same injury.

That’s too bad for Brian. I feel for the guy. He has worked his butt off to get back, as Matthew said a 3 week rehab, while waiting for a roster spot to open. He probably would’ve been back sooner than he was if that had not been the case. My question is did he change anything that could have caused extra strain on that oblique? If not how did he injure it? The first time I ever heard of an oblique injury was Woody Williams. Now it seems twice a year somebody has that injury, and it keeps em out a while usually. Hopefully that won’t be the case for Barton, but we’ll see.

Luckily this time around, if he does make it back before the end of the season, rosters will expand so he won’t have to wait for a spot to be open (since I doubt that we call up 15 more guys onto the roster)

True that! Although I wouldn’t be surprised to se 15 callups, or 14 if you include B. Just because we need to get some guys some experience, and maybe get as many arms as possible to help finish the season. I say we’re done this year. It’s time to start thinking about next year. I don’t care if we’re mathematically still in it. We’re not gonna make it, so might as well start planning for the future now.

Bigger comebacks have happened before, I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet. A loss tonight will be very very bad, but I’m still not quite that desperate yet.

I’m not thrilled with the way TLR handled the non-callup of Raz, although I agree with the decision (if made) not to call him up. There must have been a way of saying the same thing that didn’t sound like a put-down — something along the lines of let him get fully healthy, we’re already awash in outfielders, etc. A major-league manager should do nothing to erode his relationship with a potential star unless there’s a durn good reason for it, which I don’t see.

I was a little shocked at seeing Josh Phelps up for the bigs before the expansion of rosters. Kinda cool though. Hope this helps.

Consider my towel thrown in. I am glad to see Phelps, though, and I can’t wait to see the other young talent come up next week. It’ll be fun to see what talent we have waiting for their chance. I read about em alot, but don’t get the oppurtunity to see them. Also it will give us a chance to talk about what will need to be done over the winter to improve the bullpen and bench.

Anyone recall 1964? Granted that is the exception, but we won a World Series banner after being something like 7 games back with 10 to play. All we need is a little streak. Someone needs to get hot besides Albert & Lud. Get Glaus or Ank on a tear for a couple weeks. Or, Waino and Carp both get going in Sept. Four games isn’t much. This club has character and I don’t think they are going to roll over until the last game is played. Keep pluggin’ boys!

Phelps is a pretty good player. He had a couple breakout years a while back. He could help the team in some way, I’m sure. We’re only 3.5 back, and last night’s win might give us a boost and get us on a streak. If the starters can be consistent and the bullpen can hold it together, we have a chance.

I tell you what, I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking, but I see Milwaukee winning the division and the Cards getting the wild card!!! Something in the back of my head tells me the Cubs are about ready to start choking!!!

It’s wishful thinking.

Crazy, I’m with you on the Cubbies. I’d love to see them fall, but good pitching doesn’t usually slump. They are on a roll and don’t look like the choke is likely. I think the Brewers and a wild card chance are our best shot.

Be careful with those voices in your head: they attract people carrying large nets.🙂

Live by the format, die by the format. The Cardinals are quite likely the third best team in the league this year. It’s just our misfortune that the two better ones are in the Central division. We benefited from the same setup in 2006 as is hurting us this year. But I have not given up hope; the team is one hot streak, or one Milwaukee slump, away from moving up to second best.

Everybody forget about the Phillies and Mets? One of those teams will win the East. The other will contend for the Wild Card. This is not a two-horse race for the Wild Card!

God do we suck lately. No offense but we truly do. Losing 3 to the Astros??? What is going on down there in St. Louis??? We had such a great first off and now we just keep falling and falling and there was nothing done to stop it. They let their division rivals pick up talent after talent and we did nothing. They may as well just start looking forward to next year cause this year is so done. And first thing is dump half of that worthless pitching staff and half of the even more worthless bullpen. How many games did the lose cause of those guys??? Too many to count in my book.

STL needs to get bullpen help in the offseason. Release Izzy (why did we sign him in the first place), Perez sucks, and McClellan…he can’t pitch. The new GM should be fired. Walt did so much better.

Perez sucks? The kid has one bad outing and he sucks? What kind of attitude is that? K-Mac is getting a little tired cause he’s a rookie and this is his first season in the bigs. Izzy was a great closer last year, there was no reason not to pick up his option then.

Wow, how does Perez suck? He’s a great pitcher. He’s had one bad outing, other than that he’s been pretty much lights. He’s a rookie, rookies are going to stumble a bit every now and then, it’s part of the learning process. Same thing goes for McClellan, he’s a rookie. These 2 players are going to be great as they develope a bit more. Perez is going to be a closer with probably 50-60 innings pitched and triple digit k’s.

Perez has blown 3 saves in the short time he’s been up. That’s not what I’d call outstanding.

2 of those saves were before he was sent down to work on one of his pitches, since being called back up he’s only got one blown save. And I’ll state it once again, just so you can understand it. He’s a rookie!!!! Rookies aren’t always necessarily going to come straight to the majors and blow everyone away.

Since being called back up he’s 6 for 7 in save opportunities. He’s struck out 13 in 10.2 innings. He’s only allowed 2 earned runs in those 10.2 innings, and those came in his one blown save on September 3rd. He’s only allowed 6 hits, and 3 of those once again came on September 3rd. And he’s walked 4 in those 10.2 innings. So if you take out that blown save he’s 6 for 6 with 0 earned runs, 3 hits, 13 SO’s, and 4 BB’s in 10.1 innings. I’d say that’s pretty lights out.

Another blown save for Perez. Wow…he’s good!

Wow man, you’re an idiot. He’s a rookie. It’s his first year. He’s not freaking Rodriguez here. He’s gotten 2 blown saves since coming back up from the minors. I’d say that’s pretty darn good compared to the rest of our bullpen. And not only that did our team score any runs tonight? 1 run. Wow, that’s a big lead to hold on to in the ninth, now isn’t it. You forget to mention he struck out 2 people in that inning. He gave up 1 hit, and it just happened to be a HR. If the team would have scored some freaking runs, you know, the thing required to do in order to win games, he’d of gotten the save giving up 1 earned run. I guarantee you by this time next year, he’ll be a lights out closer for the Cardinals with about 40 + saves. The guy throws in the 90’s more often than not.

Come on everybody. Be good to each other.

CDBearden, I already warned you once. Pointless angry sniping is not welcome. If you have a point to make, make it. Support it with evidence. You think Perez doesn’t have the command? You think his ball doesn’t move enough? Great — make the point. Start a dialogue. But “He’s terrible” does nothing and it’s not welcome.

If you make any more posts like that, I’m going to delete them. And if you continue to do nothing more than agitate, we will have to consider removing your registration.

But crazy, please don’t stoop to that level. You know name-calling isn’t welcome here. I really appreciate that you’ve reigned it in over the time you’ve been posting here. I asked, other folks asked, and you obliged. You’re a welcome contributor here, and that says a lot about you, since it was rocky at first. So thank you for that. But please don’t get into name-calling. That’s also not welcome, and you’ve been around here a while so I know you know that. If somebody’s only goal is to get people riled up, just let it go.

Basically, everybody just abide. Try not to be so un-Dude.



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