Leach's Top-10, Let's Get Started! edition

My 10 best teams in the country, regardless of schedule…

1. Ohio State. So much experience, so much depth on the lines and at the skill positions. Fearsome team.

2. Oklahoma. See tOSU.

3. Georgia. Of course, even if they are the best team in the country, they could go 8-4 with that schedule.

4. Florida. Injuries are a major issue, but at full strength, who can stop them?

5. USC (west). Defense is scary good, and I believe Sanchez can get it done.

6. Clemson. Just beat the teams they’re supposed to beat and they’ll contend for the big prize.

7. Missouri. Color me skeptical, but willing to be won over.

8. Wisconsin. Same as it ever was.

9. South Florida. My sleeper of the year. I like this team a LOT.

10. LSU. Gotta have a QB.



Do you think that the Buckeyes can get past USC with a win. Forget Akron, thats a no brainer. But Pete Carrol doesnt loose at home. And does anyone else think that the Illini have a chance against Mizzou? Remember what they did last year at the shoe and Ohio State is coming to the Champaign this year. That said… its gonna be hard to beat them again.

I absolutely do believe the Illini have a good chance against Missouri. The Tigers made my Hogs look like chumps in the Cotton Bowl last year, but they’re not as good as we made them look. We had our defensive coach acting as interim Head Coach, and it was painfully obvious that he wasn’t ready fro the job. Reggie Herring is one of the best D coordinators in the country, but when he wasn’t preparing the defense our team just wasn’t the same. This year we have Bobby Petrino and his brother Paul calling offensive plays, a HUGE upgrade from Houston Nutt, and Nutt is at a division rival Ole Miss. The UA chancellor (at the time, cause now he’s gone too), John White, gave that man $3 million to go coach directly against us every year!! He should be whipped like a racehorse.

Consider yourself colored skeptical. Mizzou is a top-five football team. Easy. It would be fitting that in the 100th anniversary year of that there J-School, it and the football team would share the same national ranking.

Actually it seems to me that SC tends to be MORE vulnerable at home. It’ll be tougher for tOSU if Wells is out, but I see tOSU controlling the line of scrimmage on defense.

Should be great; can’t wait for it.


Actually, USC is 39-3 at home since Pete Carroll’s arrival. They looked really good yesterday (you warned me about taking UVA and the spread – aaargh!) But now I gotta ask, what about “Slimy Saban’s” Crimson Tide?

As usual, GO GATORS!

And GO ‘NOLES in every game but one.

Good first weekend for the SEC, except for Mississippi State.
Glad to see LSU not embarrass Divison I football like Michigan did last year. And the aforementioned Tide whipped up on Clemson pretty good. I picked them in that game, but I didn’t think it would be like that! Not as many upsets in the first week as I remember last year.It’s gonna be fun to see how it all unwinds.

Glad you changed subjects to football. This past week-end has made me sick. The sweep, which the Astros relish very much, has pretty well closed our door. Now to football.
I think you have OU well over-rated. Clemson will drop out and the Tide will climb. Alabama out-hit the Tigers.
Your others picks are in pretty good shape. I’ll pick Texas Tech as my sleeper, yet they are already ranked high enough to not surprise anyone.
Clemson should have played Texas A & M this past Saturday! Missouri? I thought Illinois found some Tiger weaknesses Saturday.
I would pick Southern Cal as the number 1 team and Ohio State right behind them.
Again, watch those Red Raiders if their defense can stand up.

No kidding. We look awful out there. Thank God for college football, otherwise, I might be bored out of my mind.

Well this is my top ten going into week two. I don’t like doing preseason picks, cause all you can go by is last year. New talent is no guarantee. For me, it’s a waste of time to rank teams in pre-season.
1. USC
2. Georgia
3. Ohio St
4. Florida
5. Oklahoma
6. Mizzou
7. Wisconsin
8. LSU
9. Texas
10. West Virginia…

Actually I meant to put Auburn in there. Probably displace Wisconsin or West Virginia.

College football sucks. Thansk BCS! Its all about the money, not the sport. Nothing will be as great as March Madness. BCS is crap.

What sucks is rude people who come to blogs just to trash talk other people and what they like!!!! Grow up!

CDBearden — take it somewhere else. If all you’re going to do is run down everyone and everything, every topic, then you are not welcome here. If you want to participate in debate, please do. Give-and-take is always welcome here. Differing opinions are always welcome here.

What you’ve offered so far, however, is not welcome. Be respectful and add something to the conversation, or leave. Thanks.


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