Friday evening tidbits: Pineiro pushed back

Greetings to all as we enter an absolutely amazing sports weekend: Pennant races, college football, NFL kickoff, NASCAR at Richmond, F1 (I know, nobody cares but me — oh, and Michael, hi Michael!), US Open… The DVR is going to get a workout this weekend.

Here are the updates from an interesting chat with TLR this afternoon. He was in a surprisingly good mood.

* Pineiro will not pitch until a week from today in Pittsburgh. He’ll be available in relief this weekend, then throw a bullpen session on Tuesday and pitch the opener of the road trip. The off days allow them to go with a 4-man rotation for a little while here.

* Ankiel isn’t getting better, but he isn’t getting worse. I’ll flesh this out with a story on the site in a little while.

* TLR discussed some of the stuff from Joe Strauss’ story in the P-D today. Among other things, he severely downplayed the possibility of ever being a GM.

* TLR talked some about Glaus in the 2 spot, a move I advocated earlier in the year but that he didn’t like because of Glaus’ lack of speed.

* Felipe Lopez, Brendan Ryan, and Aaron Miles will see some time in the OF between now and the end of the year, and Ryan or Miles could even play CF as soon as tomorrow. More on this late tonight, as the preview for tomorrow’s game.



I’ve mentioned Glaus in the number 2 spot in the past while talking to heymatto70. I think it’s pretty interesting to actually see it happening.

Yeah, excellent weekend to have nothing planned and lots of rain (though that’ll likely play havoc with the Open). Spa’s such a fantastic circuit – far and away the best on the schedule. We’ll definitely be watching most of the tennis and some of the college football.

So Matthew, I can’t wait for the off season, I’m wanting to see some good moves made, what about you? I know we still have some time left in this season, but I feel as if we may be out of it this year. We haven’t exactly been playing good ball as of recently, and that’s something I frown upon, considering we were in a wild card hunt. Now the only way I feel as if we’ll get the wild card is if we’re the 2008 version of the Rockies.

While everyone is saying throw a ton of money at CC Sabathia how about tossing some K-Rod’s way! I think we need him!

I don’t want to over pay for a guy. I think it’d be great to get Sabathia, but if the asking price is too high, then I say forget about it. I’d like to go after K-Rod as well, but I’m willing to not sign a free agent closer and let Perez be our every day closer next year.

wow, I wish the Cardinals management team would have officially told the fans the season was over @ the All-Star break. What are we up to – 50 blown saves this season ??// By the way – almost every player (ex 10-20) in the league is overpaid. batting Glaus in the 2 spot is not going to stop the other teams from scoring in the end of the 8th or 9th. there have been some GREAT pitching performances by Looper, Lohse only to have given it away in the end. Doesnt this make anyone upset anymore??? If I were Albert, I would be.

Dude. Teams are going to have bad season’s. If a player is going to get upset over bad season’s, then he shouldn’t be playing ball. Albert’s a team player, he tries his best to help this team win, and I guarantee you he knows that’s not always going to happen. Just got to make some moves in the off season and be competitive next year. This year was a rebuilding year, we were picked to finish last in the division, yet we’ve stayed in it throughout most of the year, I think that says something about this team.

I don’t feel that this is a BAD season – I don’t like paying for tickets or memorabilia to SUPPORT the team if the management does not give a crap. If the World Series is NOT the ultimate objective for EVERY season – tell me ahead of time, so I can spend my money elsewhere. This team has SOOOOO much money it is ridiculous. It is supposed to be for the club and fans, correct?????? that “rebuilding” stuff is garbage – especially for people who love St. Louis baseball.

No, teams have rebuilding years. When you send two people who were big contributors to this team for so long in Edmonds and Rolen packing, you have to find a way to replace them by rebuilding. Our farm system was not the greatest, but now it’s finally starting to look somewhat decent. At least in my opinion.

It;s definitely getting better. I like that Mo and Lunhow have made an effort to grow players, but there are some players (ie Stavy, Jones, other outfielders, Anderson) that shouldn’t be untouchable. They are trying to be competitive for years to come instead of just in 2008.

Rebuilding years have to happen at some point. If you sell off some top tier talent for vets and deals don’t pan out (ie Mulder) and even when they do (ie Walker) your youth base begins to thin and needs time to replenish.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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