Leach's Top-10, calm-before-the-storm edition

Looks like a relatively quiet week of CFB before things really start heating up next week. If you want some, you know, BASEBALL, check out today’s tidbits or of course head over to the main site.

On with the top-10. In a couple of weeks I’ll start doing it in SMQ/Matt Hinton/Dr. Saturday style, with votes based strictly on what teams have accomplished. For now it’s a combination of subjective ratings and what they’ve accomplished. I.e., Hinton’s got Bama No. 1 and I just can’t do that.

1. USC. Virginia was overrated last year and not as good this year, but still that was a serious beatdown. Sanchez looked great, and that was my only question. If he’s a stud, they’re as good as anybody.

2. Missouri. I expect to drop them as they play a string of cupcakes, but as of now, they are the only one of my preseason top-10 with a win over a good team.

3. Florida. Sadly, few top teams had a better win than UF’s thumping of a Hawaii team that’s going to fall a loooong way from last year. Gators throttle Miami on Saturday, btw.

4. tOSU. If Wells is OK, I still think they’re the best team.

5. Oklahoma. I overrated them last year, so I could be doing the same. But I think they’re pretty outstanding.

6. Georgia. GSU is a better opponent than you probably think.

7. Oregon. UW is no power, but that looks like a very good win.

8. Bama. Boy was I wrong on Clemson.

9. Cal. Good win over a good team. Pac-10 could be strong again, despite at first looking to me like it was going to be down from last year.

10. LSU. Good win under tough circumstances.

Teams to watch: South Florida, Wisconsin, Penn State, Utah

Game of the week: I’m going to go off the board a little bit and say Wake Forest-Mississippi. Two very interesting under-the-radar teams. And kudos to WF for opening with two teams from major conferences. I’ll take Wake by 10 or so, but an interesting matchup.

FSU comment of the week: I’m very eager to see this offensive line, even against a bad FCS team. The lack of depth is very, very scary, but I think the talent might be very good. IF they stay healthy, it could turn out to be a quality unit.



Mine would swap Missouri and Georgia, and I don’t know about Cal and Oregon. Hard to overlook Auburn, West Virginia , and Texas. I think you’re right about Bama though. They’re better than 18th, where the AP has them. I think LSU will drop when conference play starts.

Well it looks like Eastern Carolina is gonna be the sleeper of the year! They thumped West Virginia a week after soundly defeating Va. Tech…impressive. And did you see the score from the Arkansas St./Texas Southern game? 83-10 Red Wolves (formerly the ASU Indians but was changed because Indians is offensive to someone with a lot of money). LOTS of blowouts this week. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it. I’d rather see these supposed “bigtime” programs schedule good non-conference opponents. Why do they need to schedule cupcake tune-up games if they’re so bigtime? I can see it if you’re in rebuilding mode, but otherwise play some stronger opponents. It makes for a more competitive game, and it seems to me that it would be a better measure of your players.

btw, I don’t know where this sign on name came from at the bottom.

That only appears if you’re signed out. I guess it means your account logged off. It does that after so long.

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