Saturday afternoon tidbits: quiet day

Very little to report today. It seems like everybody, including us scribes, is moving a little slowly today. But here’s what I’ve got:

* Brian Barton continues to increase his workouts. He hit in the cage today, hopes to hit on the field tomorrow and hopes to be activated when he’s eligible on Tuesday.

* Ludwick in CF, rather than something creative. Several of us in the press box had a predicting contest on that one, and OYNAG beat out Bird Land (which predicted Brendan Ryan).

That’s really about all I’ve got. I told you it was a quiet day. Go Noles, go Federer.



Matthew, was there any discussion in the press box about the weirdness in Friday night’s game involving Felipe Lopez going to the “wrong” outfield position? I’d never seen anything quite like that before at a level of baseball above high school. Who screwed up? TLR? Lopez? Ankiel? All of the above?

That one was on TLR.

He went to the umpire and said the pitcher was going in the 5 spot (Ludwick), but what he meant was the 4 spot (Ankiel). Lopez went to LF and Ank came out, which was the plan all along. But once he told the ump that the pitcher was going in the 5 spot, they had to stick to that. So Ank came in the game, Ludwick came out and Lopez had to shift over to right.


Considering Mather’s injury and Ankiel limited to part-time duty do you see Barton getting a lot more playing time the next few weeks? I would hope so to see what he can do when playing regularly.


Brian Barton looked good in those pregame workouts, at least from what I saw. By the way, congrats to your boy Federer, 5 in a row.

-Ben Weixlmann

P.S. Have a good time in the press box for the Cubs series. Sadly, I won’t be there because my request got declined due to “space considerations”. Hopefully I’ll make another game this season.


Nice job reporting on Barton. I thought he looked good, as well, this weekend.

By the way, congrats to your boy Fede…5x in a row…unbelievable.

-Ben Weixlmann

P.S. Sadly I won’t be there this week to cover the Cards/Cubs, because my press cred request got declined due to “space considerations”.

I can’t agree with how TLR/DD are using Franklin. He is strictly a one inning guy and yet they leave him out there for two. He winds up getting pasted in that second inning.
Wake up guys!

Looked like the decision worked to me. He’s a pretty good defender too, don’t know many other pitchers in the pen that would have turned the DP.

To say a former starter turned reliever is a one inning guy makes me lol. Sounds like someone who should be a long reliever to me.

When pitching more than one inning, Franklin has given up 9 earned runs in 25.2 innings. When pitching 1 innings or less, he’s allowed 20 earned runs in 44 innings. I did not include unearned runs, because that means that someone made an error that could have ended the inning. I’m not sure what that would make his ERA in those two different categories.

Yea. Sorry enola. I think you’re outnumbered on that one. Ryan Franklin is a guy who used to throw 200+ innings a year as a starter. He only became our closer out of necessity, and before that a setup man because he was good at it. That doesn’t mean he is limited to that. A guy like Perez is a one inning guy, because he throws almost 100 with a limited repertoire (sp?).

Of course, that probably means that he won’t be used tonight. I’m guessing that Springer becomes set up tonight, possibly Motte if Perez would be available for the save.

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