Wednesday afternoon tidbits: Glaus, Ankiel, Carpenter updates

Plenty for you on a truly perfect afternoon at the park…

* Troy Glaus said he’s been diagnosed with a rotator cuff strain and tendinitis in his shoulder. He received a cortisone shot, much more localized than the one he had Sunday. He’ll be re-evaluated in 2-3 days, and if he feels good enough to play at that point, he’ll play.

* TLR said they may be getting close to shutting Ankiel down. Not in the lineup today, unlikely to be in the lineup even against the RHP tomorrow. More on this on the site as the afternoon goes on.

* Carpenter is not available and didn’t sound too optimistic when I talked to him.

* Even in light of the various injuries on offense, TLR said there are no plans to bring up Freese or Rasmus or anyone else.



What did La Russa seem like when/if you talked to him about Carp?

Said very little.

The Carpenter news sounds more worrisome than the others. Glaus has always had health concerns, and if he’s shut down for the whole rest of the year, we’ve still gotten more out of him than could have been expected (or than Rolen would have provided). There are satisfactory stand-ins, too. As for Ank, this is just confirming what has been obvious for some time to anyone who watches him, and again, outfield production is not a big shortfall right now, even with Mather also on the sidelines.
Please keep us posted on the Carp developments, Matthew; serious panic is threatened among your readers.

My personal opinion — not as a medical expert, obviously — is that this is not a panic-worthy situation. Assuming it’s the same condition, which seems to be the case, it’s a nagging, annoying and troublesome thing, but not something that should have long-term consequences.

It’s not in the joint. It’s not the cuff or the labrum or anything. It seems to me that even if it’s a problem for the rest of the year, there’s no reason to think it will be a problem beyond this year.

Significant? Sure. But to MY eye, not a panic-inducing situation.


what happened this year

What do you mean, “What happened this year?” I don’t think anything really happened this year. I was coming into the year, wanting the Cardinals to perform well, knowing that it was a rebuilding year. That’s exactly what we did, we performed fairly decent, in my opinion. We didn’t exactly have the best pitching staff coming into this year. Carpenter was out, Mulder was out, Wellemeyer was coming into this year, with it being his first year as an everyday starter, Looper his second year, Lohse wasn’t the best of starters in his career, Wainwright was our ace, and Joel Pineiro wasn’t exactly the best of starters in his career coming into this year. Lohse has been excellent for us, Wainwright got injured, but he’s still performed pretty good, Wellemeyer has been pretty good, he’s had his ups and his downs, the same goes to Pineiro and Looper. Our starting pitching has been pretty decent, but at times they’ve had problems going more than 5-6 innings, which overworked our bullpen, which in my opinion is a huge reason they’ve been pretty bad this year. I’d say we’ve done pretty good for it being a rebuilding year. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know, this is, but for some reason it’s showing me as pujols_05 and I don’t know why.

Everyone speaks of a REBUILDING year. Where would this team be now without 40 blown saves ???? Right. we would be in the middle of the hunt – within a game or 2. All of spring training we heard all about Rasmus and “HE”S THE FUTURE”. if the management quit in July, Ankiel is hurt – Where is he ?? why not give him some action?? Is he any good ??? where is he?? I just do not understand the “oh, well” attitude guys. wow. go cards ??

Hmm, I wonder why I refer to it as a building year. Oh yeah, could that be because it’s a rebuilding year. Let see here. Carpenter and Mulder out. Our starting rotation at the beginning of this year was: Wainwright, Lohse, Looper, Wellemeyer, and Pineiro. Wainwright being our ace. Lohse had never pitched as good as he’s pitching this year. Looper and Wellemeyer were never anything more than relief pitchers, before last year, and they make up 2/3rds of our starting rotation. And Pineiro hasn’t exactly been the best of pitchers throughout his career. When Ankiel went down, Rasmus wasn’t exactly having the best of seasons, because he’s had a history of starting out slow at each level, so why call up someone who isn’t have a spectacular season yet? And the reason he isn’t up now, is because he went down via injury a month or so ago, and since then hasn’t played above AA level, so why rush him to the majors? I have a feeling he’ll be on this team next year, sharing playing time with Schumaker. No one knew that Isringhausen was going to pitch the way he did this season, especially after having the wonderful season that he had last year. And coming into this season, our bullpen was supposed to be our strength, but it didn’t exactly work out that way. For the longest period of time 3/5ths of our bullpen were averaging just a little over 5 innings per start, that means that for the longest period of time our bullpen had to go out there and pitch almost 4 innings 3/5ths of the time. Our bullpen was overworked, it’s no wonder they didn’t do that good.

*2/5ths, not 2/3rds.

*3/5ths of our starting rotation, not bullpen.

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