Thursday evening tidbits: Rotation re-jiggered

* Kyle Lohse has dropped his appeal, and he begins serving his suspension. He’d be eligible to start again on Tuesday, but instead he will not pitch until Thursday. The rotation for the next week or so: Thompson on Friday, Wainwright Saturday, Pineiro Sunday, Looper Tuesday, Wellemeyer Wednesday, Lohse next Thursday (9/18), Wainwright 9/19, Pineiro 9/20, Looper 9/21. That gets it through Chicago.

* Still waiting on some news on Carpenter. Sounds like they may have an announcement of some kind before the night is out.

* Molina is out, and it sounds like they’re looking at at least another day or two.

* Rasmus is a no-go, per Mozeliak. His comment: “He has not been cleared to play at the level that we would need him to. He had his exit physical the other day, and it is encouraging. We’re still hoping that he can play winter ball. But to put him through the rigors of the Major Leagues I just don’t think would be prudent at this time.”

Here’s the thing I think people need to remember: Rasmus hasn’t played ball at a level above Class A since July 22. It would really be asking a lot for him to jump from that to the big leagues, especially given his history of slow starts at every level.

David Freese, IMO, is another matter; I think he could really help this team and I’d like to see him here.



When did the AAA season end? I think that may be playing into the thought process. Freese skipped AA, went right to AAA and played well, but also has had a bit of downtime. It’s going to be hard to throw him into a playoff atmosphere IMO. But if Glaus is out for longer than expected, I would like to see him up.

I’m excited about some of the talent we have in the minors at 3rd base. Wallace has been awesome so far, he might begin next season at AA, and then get called up to AAA very fast, if he plays like he has been this season. And Freese has been awesome, I think he’ll be called up next year when the rosters expand to the 40 man rosters, then be competing in the ’10 spring trainings with Wallace to take over at 3rd after Glaus’s departure.

I agree on both the Freese and Rasmus comments.

Whether the Cards make the playoffs or not, a lot of good things happened this year, mainly the development of marginal and inexperienced players. Such large number of both pitchers and pos plsyers got extended time in the Majors this year. Ludwig, Ankiel, Shumaker and Wellemeyer have blossomed, McClellan may have a chance as a starter next year, Perez is qulckly establishing closer’s credentials, Mather lived up to expectations, Barton has a year in the bigs behind him. This should bode well for all of them in the future. When one adds prospects like Freese and Wallace to the mix, the outlook is good. In most other years many of these guys would not have had near this kind of opportunity to demonstrate what they can do. It would be nice to see the average age of the team reduced a few years.

I have a question about a move made in last night’s game. Web site has story on miscue by Albert, overslide by Ryan, and the game ending pop-up, but what about the managerial move to lift right-handed batter Jason LaRue against Marmol to insert Josh Phelps with the bases loaded? Not to mention we then had to insert third string catcher. You can’t say he had a better record against Marmol. He had faced him three times and struck out all three times. Now it is four. We didn’t need a home run, base hits scores two. Any ideas on that move?

I was wondering the same thing, Debbie. Maybe LaRue’s numbers against Marmol were even worse. All I know is that we were hitting Marmol hard that inning, and it’s a shame we didn’t score. The thing that bothers me more about last night’s eighth inning was the missed balk call. I haven’t heard much more about it, but Shannon and Rooney couldn’t believe that it wasn’t called. If Miles get’s second base, he advances to third (or scores) on Schumaker’s single. And then if he’s still on third base, he scores on Lopez’s sacrifice fly (that was about two feet from being a home run).

Enola, Matthew’s already said that the chances of McClellan being in the starting rotation is slim, he’ll most likely remain a reliever, at least in his years with the Cardinals. But a positive about this year is that Carpenter will most likely be 100% healthy next year and back in the starting rotation, Wainwright will be there, if Pujols gets the surgery, he may miss a month to begin the season, but he’ll be at 100%, which just the thought of that sounds scary, Josh Kinney is healthy, and Chris Perez is awesome. If Johnson is healthy next year our 8 & 9 guys looks pretty darn good: Set-Up: Kinney/Johnson, Closer: Perez.

However, if hard pressed for a starter entering spring training, I wouldn’t be surprised if K-Mac at least gets a look in the rotation.

Are we getting a new manager any time soon?

I’m curious about some of the AAA pitchers and their availability with Carp, etc. out. What ever happened to Mitchell Boggs? Flores hasn’t thrown a strike in months – what about Garcia? What about Worrell? Since we have so many tired and worn-out arms, what about the young guns? Also, why don’t we have Carp, Ank, etc. on the DL? If they aren’t going to play, why not get someone on the roster who can contribute? It sure seems odd having infielders in the outfield when we have expanded rosters. The youngsters can at least play defensively. I’m sure there is a good reason … what am I missing?

I don’t know about Boggs, Flores, and Worrell. I know Garcia had Tommy John Surgery, so he’ll be out the majority of next year, and the rest of this year. I don’t know why people who are injured and who are on the DL still show up on the 40 man roster. And the reason we have infielders in the outfield is because this season is most likely over, we’re experimenting to see what other positions these guys can play, that way we might be able to use them there in the future that way they can get more playing time. It’s sort of like trying to make a player like Scott Spiezio, the more positions they can play, the more valuable they are, at least in my opinion.

And SLForre, we have Tony LaRussa signed until the end of next season. I don’t see why we’re rushing to get rid of Tony. He’s a strategist, he plays by the numbers, he tries to go with what he thinks is the best match up statistically, sometimes it doesn’t always work, some times it does. Sometimes he may be harsh in what he says about players, but usually isn’t it the truth? Only thing I dislike is how he kept having so much faith in Isringhausen earlier in the year. Yes, he’s been a good pitcher throughout his career, but this year he was struggling, and when your closer is struggling, you can’t keep trusting him in the 9th inning, because it’ll cost you games.

What is the status on Dunc as pitching coach? I thought I heard that he is not under contract for 2009 and may not return next year as his price may be very high. I can’t imagine TLR w/o Dunc at his side. Any truth to that?

As far as I know there is this possibility. I hope the Cardinals resign him though, he’s a great pitching coach, but in the likelihood they don’t, I would like them to get a pretty darn good replacement.

Basically what I’m trying to say is to stop using the argument might not, lets when now, when I can use the argument, might, win multiple times, not just once.

*win, not when.

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