Saturday afternoon tidbits: Glaus, Molina still out

As of right now, there’s a smidge of blue sky in downtown Pittsburgh. It just started absolutely POURING — M. It’s already slacking off and I can AGAIN see some blue sky,so who knows? -M. I have heard, however, that the evening forecast may be threatening. And they just rolled out the tarp. Cross your fingers.

* Troy Glaus and Yadier Molina are both still out. However, Molina and TLR both sounded confident that Molina will be able to play tomorrow. Glaus is less certain — as I write this, he’s doing some work that should give him a better idea of whehter he can go tomorrow. He basically said that if he can swing a bat without wincing in pain, he’ll play.

* Odd lineup today, with Miles at SS and batting 6th, Kennedy 7th and LaRue 9th. TLR’s explanation was that he wanted guys swinging left-handed in the 6 and 7 spots against Ian Snell. Also a possibility is that given the importance TLR places on the 9 spot, he didn’t want Miles (2-for-11 vs. Snell) or Kennedy (3-for-17) batting there.

* Talked to Joel Pineiro, and I’ll have a story on the site about him, but despite TLR’s comments last night, there’s no question at this point that Pineiro will take his starts for the rest of the year. And Pineiro had no gripes with the criticism.



Mathew, that’s a great article you wrote today (Sept. 15) about the Cardinals’ season. What you said is insightful! Thank you for all the interesting and helpful things you have written throughout the season. We were in Jupiter for the start of spring training and have watched all the games on FSN here in Virginia. There’s still hope but we have to start winning!

Forgive me for not having as much hope as you, or as much hope as some other Cardinals fans, but I feel as if the Cardinals are done this year. There’s been so many times this year where they could gain ground, and they’ve failed to do it, there’s been so many must win games that they lost. The only way we could make it close is if we wont the rest of our games and other teams choked: Mets, Phillies, Brewers, Astros. Because if the Mets start slumping, that puts them in the wild card race, and the Phillies would take the lead in their division, unless they started slumping as well, and the Brewers are already slumping, but they’d have to to continue it, as well as the Phillies/Mets, and with the Astros having a better record than the Cardinals, they’re less games back in the Wild Card race, they’d have to slump as well, and 4 teams slumping all at once and the Cardinals picking it up is more than likely not going to happen.

NO hope. I sure am crushed by this season. boy, the blown saves killed the season. some crafty pitching performances down the drain after the 7th inning. I still place the blame on the GM. I feel HE gave up on us. cardinal nation sleeps.

The only thing that hurt us was closing the games and injuries. We had a ton of options to close the games and just about all of them failed, and the injuries this year have been in abundance. Pujols even went on the DL for a short stint. We didn’t need to go out and spend millions and spend a little of our future for a team that without those two problems wins this division. If we convert 1/4 of the SVO we had and didn’t get the job done, then we win this division. Why spend money and future for that? Why not work in finding a Chris Perez or something until we can find somebody that saves games from within and still have a great future? We did better than expected this season so to be crushed by this season is illogical.

I tend to agree that the bullpen cost the Cards a chance for the postseason. Mo went out and got Loshe and Glaus and both turned out to be good moves. The rookies got a lot of exoerience which will help in the future, either in helping the Cards or in being used as trade material.
How many rookies did the Cards use this season? Did any other team do likewise? Sure, I am disappointed about this years finish, but in April I would never have thought the Cards would have done this good. I am excited about the future of this team. Hopefully some key players will be healthy and the Cards will have some payroll to play with.
And the minors seems to be improving.

This season has been a complete and utter disappointment. Blame who you wanna blame, cause they’re all directly responsible. The manager for causing trouble in the offseason. The GM for making absolutley no effort at the trade deadline. The players for not being able to perform. The coaches and management for not providing proper motivation. AND, of course, the manager for all his stupid moves that cost us games before the first pitch was thrown. I don’t agree that the Cardinals have exceeded expectations this year, though. If you want to look at the season in sections, then yeah. They played better than many thought…in the first half. But in the end, they’re going to finish where many expected they would…ahead of only Cincinatti and Pittsburgh. So while it’s good to try to look at the bright side, it’s also important to be honest with ourselves. And honestly, we didn’t do any better than was expected of us this season. Sure we exceeded expectations for half a season, but what does that mean? To me it means we have potential with the talent we had this season, but we all know next year there will be 10 new faces. I have lost my wife as a Cardinal fan, because she can’t keep up with all the changes in players. That is where St.Louis is losing out. We are losing casual fans, and fans who like certain players as much as the team name on the front of jersey. Sure Busch Stadium will always fill up, but that’s not all that makes a good franchise. A good franchise keeps their transplanted fans. The Yankees do it while constantly trading players. But they trade for high-priced superstars that most of their fans can recognize. We try to do it by trading for guys like Felipe Lopez and Kyle Lohse…Kip Wells and Adam Kennedy. It doesn’t work. My wife LOVED the ’04 season. She fell in love with baseball and the Cardinals. But now she could care less. She didn’t watch anything from the ’06 season except for Game 3, which we went to. I can’t get her to watch this year, because she only recognizes Albert Pujols. Everyone else is a foreigner to her.
It’s ridiculous that we’re becoming an AL team in the NL, and it’s turning me into more of a football fan and NCAA basketball fan.

Frankly I like NCAA football and basketball but what frustrates me is that about the time you get to like a good team, all their underclassmen declare for the draft and then you have to learn the players all over again. Wait, that’s kind of like baseball teams trading and signing players.
Turnover has become the norm in most major sports. Maybe not in collegeg baseball or tennis or golf, but in the major sports, yes I think so. The players are after the money just like pro players.
Hey, I’m from Pennsylvania and love Penn State. Do I get frustrated when they don’t make a major bowl game? You bet I do. Do I still follow them? Bet I do.
We might not agree, but then that’s what makes the world

Nice try, but it’s not the same thing. Not every school has NBA or NFL caliber players, and not every coach encourages early exit from school. As the commercials say, “Most of these athletes will go pro in something other than sports”. Don’t compare college athletes to pro athletes. That’s ignorant. Obviously not everyone agrees, but there’s no need to try to make my view seem less valid by pointing out what YOU see as similarities. I don’t see any real similarity in what you said. Pros get paid and traded. And MOST athletes in college stay all four years. It’s a relatively small number who leave early or transfer schools.

If you wanna argue a point, argue the part about the manager making (in my eyes) stupid moves that cost us the game before first pitch. That’s debateable.

First of all, thanks to Matt and his BLog for the interesting conv. – even with NO comment – I still read u guys. How I am. If you are someone who is happy with this season, MAN I do not get it. I want the prize EVERY year. These guys are paid SOOOO much money, I EXPECT them to be great. injuries aside, (they are major) they could have blown some money on a couple of veterans – pitcher/outfield POWER – to help Albert. If the same line-up is on the field (pitchers aside), is it another REBUILDING year on opening day next season????? Let me know.

I never said I was happy with this season. I’m happy with the fact that we’re not trading away prospects (the future) for guys we’ll only have temporarily. I don’t want to trade a guy who’s under team control for multiple year, only to get a guy for half a season. Sabathia being who I’m talking about. And last year we didn’t really have a lot to choose from on the Free Agent market, because it was thin. This year there’s going to be bigger name players on the free agent market. And yes, I wanted the Cardinals to make a trade before the trade deadline, but we didn’t, and I can live with that, because we have a lot of young talent within this system. And technically this season was a rebuilding year. With Carpenter and Mulder out to start the season, and with Clement being an uncertainty, and with not much else to choose from out there on the free agency market, we had to use players in rolls that throughout their career they haven’t been used to. Now in this offseason I would like some moves to be made to improve our bullpen most importantly, because one of the main reasons we didn’t do so good this year is because of our bullpen. Then I’d like the team to work on our starting rotation, because we need starters to give us more innings. And some work on our offense would be nice as well, because our offense has been inconsistent. I know people are going to say I’m crazy for saying this, but I don’t care, trade Ludwick and Ankiel, get what you can get for them. Heck, package Ludwick, Duncan, and whoever else and go after Holliday. Sign Vladimir Guerrero from Free Agency, and if Rasmus isn’t ready, start Schumacker in center next season. OF of LF-Guerrero, CF-Schumacker/Rasmus, RF-Guerrero. That would be awesome, don’t know if we’ll have the money for this or not, but it’d be awesome.

Why do I keep hearing that we have so much, basically untradeable in some of your eyes, talent in the farm system?? Well I watched the AA Springfield team quite a bit this year, and I followed the AAA team in Memphis. And yes, we have some outstanding talent in the minors. But it’s the MINORS!!!! How many of those prospects do you think are really going to translate into big league regulars? My guess is, a small number. So what you do is evaluate your own talent vs. your needs and base your moves on that. You don’t worry about getting every talented minor leaguer you have on the big league roster. Some of them are going to be trade bait. And if you have good scouts, you can always replace some of that talent each draft.

I never said anyone was untradeable. I just don’t want to trade a lot of minor league prospects for someone we’re only going to get for half a season. If the Cardinals are going to trade minor league prospects for someone, I’d rather it be for someone we’ll have under team control for 3 or 4 years, not for someone the Cardinals will only have for half a season. And I don’t like giving up too much for one person. If a trade is going to be done, I will only be willing to trade 3 people for one person, any more than three is asking too much in my opinion, and then I only want it done if the person we’re getting in return is a freaking beast. Only people I see as being untouchable at this moment are: Pujols, Wainwright, Carpenter, and Molina. I’d be willing to trade Rasmus, if, and only if we get someone great in return. Yes, I know he didn’t have the best of season’s at Triple A this year, but you have to remember that this is a guy who’s started off slow at each level he’s been at in the minors, only to turn it around kick some massive (insert curse word here that has the same meaning as butt.) I think when he gets called up to the minors, and bats in front of Pujols, he’ll be a 20/20 guy (HR’s/SB’s), with a very good on base percentage and average.

Well I think you need to do a little research in the history of trades. Especially deadline trades. For the most part, you only end up with a rent-a-player if you don’t have the means to sign the guy the next year. No one gets traded mid-season and immediately sign a long term deal. That just doesn’t happen (or if it does, it’s rare). As someone said before, the Cards CAN afford to sign players. The problem is Mo is too scared to pull the trigger on a big deal. I think he’s way too afraid of failure. NOT a good trait in baseball. But the whole argument about trading away the farm for a rent-a-player is ridiculous. That was never an option, and would never happen! Let’s say you trade Bryan Anderson, Colby Rasmus, and Jess Todd for Carl Crawford (just an example). On the surface that looks like a horrible trade, but you have to let time tell the story. All three of those guys are awesome in the minors, but they COULD all three end up big league flops. You just never know. Look at JD Drew. The guy has all the talent in the world, but absolutely no work ethic. He may be a decent big leaguer, but he’s not worth giving a long term deal to. These other guys could easily end up the same (and therefore you don’t mind trading them). So what you have to do, as I said before, is evaluate and trade. Get what you need now, cause that’s when the fans wanna win. NOW, not in the future. We’re not the Cubs. We can take chances, and if it doesn’t work out we’re fine. We can draft new talent and sign veteren help.

Um, why would Mo pull the trigger? We trade a lot of prospects, and get a guy for half of a season, when we could just wait until the season is over and sign him to a multi year deal. That’s sounds like the better move to me. I’d rather wait until someone like Sabathia is a free agent, then offer him a deal, than to trade 4 or so prospects and get him for half a season. And usually how a player does in the minors determines whether he’ll make the big league club or not. If a guy puts up an ERA of 10.00 in the minors, his chances of making the big league club are almost at 0, or even worse. Now if a guy goes into the minors and puts up an ERA of 2.80, he’ll get a shot at the majors. You think Albert Pujols would be on this team, if he didn’t tear it up in the majors like he did? You say Mozeliak is a coward, but he hold onto players that might make the majors, and might not, I say that’s pretty courageous, I mean, why hold onto someone who might make the majors? You act as if the minors mean absolutely nothing, but if players don’t perform well in the minors, they will never see a big league game. And fans who want to win it now and trade away the future, obviously only want to win the world series once. I’d rather win it 8 times, by holding onto minor league talent, than to trade that talent away and win once. You can say the Yankees are a smart organization for signing players to long term contracts that are proven veterans, I can easily say the Yankees are dumb for doing that. I mean look at all the veterans they’ve signed that end up getting injured. These players are getting paid to sit on the DL. Dan Haren wasn’t a proven major leaguer when the Cardinals traded him, he was actually performing pretty bad, with an ERA around 5.00, and we traded him as well as 2 others to get Mark Mulder, look how well that deal did for us. Dan Haren is an ace, Mark Mulder has been on the DL off and on the last 3 years. The Yankees haven’t won the World series in how long, and they’re a team that holds onto veterans, the Cardinals are a team that has been developing its farm system to get talent, and they won in 2006. Look at all the talent the Marlins have brought up from their farm system. Dan Uggla, Hanley Ramirez, Miguel Cabrera, etc. Your argument is that these minor leaguers may never perform well at the majors, my argument is that these people could end up being all stars. And I don’t want to give up potential all stars that could help the team win 5 or 6 world series down the line, just to win one world series now.

And I’m tired of arguing. The only reason I comment on what you say is because I find it offensive towards the players and management, and I don’t like belittling people. I have respect for the management and players, and I don’t like it when someone bashes them. I don’t always agree with what they do, but I can understand them not making a move at the trade deadline, rather than trading for a half season of some of those players, why not just wait until they’re free agents at the end of the season and trying signing them to multi year deals? I’d rather keep Rasmus and Jones, unless there’s a big name pitcher out there we could get in return for them. Other players in our minors, I wouldn’t mind trading, we have a lot of outfield talent.


I gotta ask: did you try either the Skyline Chili or LaRosa’s Pizza in Cincy? I’m wondering what your take on it is, seeing as usually only locals think it’s God’s gift to the Earth.


See I have to agree with Crazy, mostly because I agree with him, but partly because I can stand people calling other people ignorant, and belitteling people over a dang professional sports team. Seriously… But honestly the reason they didn’t make a move if everybody remembers correctly at the trade deadline is: The prices were WAY to high for pitchers, and the only bat really out there that would have fit well is Holiday, and he was overpriced… Besides that who should we have got that WAS traded??? There weren’t a ton of moves… CC and Rich but we didn’t have to offer what those teams wanted. It isn’t a matter of saying, hey we have an abundance of OF so here are three even though you need infielders or a proven power bat… We HAVE TO have what the teams wants in order for us to even be in the conversation. Oh and Slforre, just show a picture of Ankiel to your wife and I am sure she will be a Cards fan again… lol

Cry me a river. Look back and you’ll see that I didn’t call anyone anything. I said doing certain things would be ignorant. I only respond to what you say, because it’s so blatantly ignorant. And hopefully, at some point in your lives, you’ll learn that you don’t know everything.

SLForre, no one in this blog is acting like they know everything, besides you. You think that stats don’t matter, you act as if the minors don’t matter, you blame management for why the team is doing bad. I blame the team, not a certain person, the team. Each loss is a team loss. We’re just letting you know that there are other people who believe differently than you, and you act like that’s a crime. You think your opinion is the only one that matters, I can see your side of the argument, and I don’t 100% agree with it, you can’t see my side of the argument, because you only look at your side.

Come on guys, BE RESPECTFUL.

I don’t care who started it, I don’t care who called who what. You’ve both been around here long enough to know that there’s really only one rule here. BE RESPECTFUL or take it somewhere else.

It gets unbelievably old.

Abide. OK?


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