October 2008

AP's surgery

OK, here’s what I know at this point…

Pujols had surgery today, but not TJ. He had a procedure to transpose the nerve in his elbow.

I was told that the entire point of this operation is to ease/relieve pain. It’s not a structural thing. It’s not a repair. It’s just to make the joint feel better.

Should know more in 20 minutes or so when they hold a teleconference, and I’ll write more then.


Happy Birthday, Dude!

Greetings Achievers!

Mrs. Dude here. And if Mrs. Dude is taking control of the blog, it must mean one thing…

That’s right! It’s Matthew’s birthday!

So, do me a favor and leave a comment wishing Matthew the happiest of birthdays. He certainly deserves it–both the birthday wishes and the happy birthday.

Mrs. Dude

Various and assorted

Just clearing out a few assorted topics, Cards-related and not, at the end of the season and beginning of the postseason.

* I’m not crazy about the Lohse deal. I don’t think it’s disastrous, but four guaranteed years with a no-trade makes me VERY nervous. His durability is a plus, and he had a good year. But it seems like a risk to do four years with blanket no-trade protection for a pitcher who is good but not elite.

The flipside is that if the Cards take advantage of the relatively low 2009 dollars and make a legitimate upgrade somewhere else (Orlando Hudson, anyone?), I’ll like it more.

* My NL MVP ballot: 1.Pujols – 2.Berkman – 3.Wright – 4.H.Ramirez – 5.C.Jones – 6. Beltran – 7.Utley – 9.Santana – 9.J.Reyes – 10.A.Ramirez. Yes, 4 Mets but not Delgado.

* My NL Cy Young ballot: 1.Santana – 2.Lincecum – 3.Lidge

* My NL Rookie ballot: 1.Soto – 2.Votto – 3.Jurrjens