Cardinal Blogger Awards ballot

Hola, all…

I’m on vacation this week, but I made a commitment to do this, and besides it’s a cool thing to be a part of. I’ll be back with more regular blogging and reporting after the holiday weekend, and of course the weekend after that, the Winter Meetings start.

Here are my votes (including several write-ins)…

1. Player of the year: Albert Pujols

2. Pitcher of the year: Kyle Lohse

3. Game of the year: July 26 @ NYM

4. Surprise player of the year: Todd Wellemeyer

5. Disappointing player of the year: Chris Duncan (with the obvious caveat that he was hurt)

6. Rookie of the year: Kyle McClellan

7. New Cardinal of the year: Troy Glaus

8. Most anticipated Cardinal: Colby Rasmus

9. Best individual blog: (Blank, because I did a terrible job of keeping up with them this year)

10. Best team blog: Viva El Birdos

11. Best professional blog: Bird Land

12. Best UCB project: (another blank; I really need to participate/read all of y’all more next year)

13. Most optimistic blog: (blank)

14. Funniest blog: BertFlex

15. Best post/series: Biggest plays of the year

16. Rookie blog: Pitchers Hit Eighth


These generally look right on the mark. I think a case can be made for WW as pitcher of the year; true, he only pitched 2/3 as many innings as Lohse, but he was brilliant when he did pitch. I personally was more “disappointed” by Reyes than Duncan, but I’ve never been a Dunc fan.

The real “disappointment,” however, wasn’t a player, but rather the medical staff. As basic a thing as realistic assessments of players’ injuries was badly deficient (i.e., grossly optimistic) this year. If they’d got that right, I think Mo could have made moves in time to put the team over the wild-card hump. And that’s without even opening the question of whether the damaged players were further damaged by having their injuries mismanaged. Neither I nor any(?) of the other readers here are in a position to speak knowledgeably about that one, but you gotta wonder…

I gotta say I overlooked all of that when I read M’s post. I couldn’t really think of anyone to nominate in place of any of the “awards” winners. But you hit it on the head and got me thinking about it more. Especially Anthony Reyes over Chris Duncan. He was a huge disappointment once again. As M pointed out Dunc got hurt, so he had more reason to have a down year. But Reyes got shot after shot and failed to prove himself. I also agree about the medical staff to an extent. I think they mismanaged the injuries, which led to the over-optimism. But I’m not a sports doc, so I can’t say that’s an educated guess…just a guess based on observation. Then when you talk about pitcher of the year, and you think about consistency, WW had it and Lohse didn’t. Lohse was healthy, but WW wasn’t. In a toss up like that, I’d go with the Wagonmaker as well.

My disappoint was Isringhausen. He was so great in 2007, and I’ve been following his career ever since he pitched at Lewis & Clark Community College in Godfrey, IL, where I grew up. I’ve always been a big fan. It was painful to see him struggle so greatly.

On another note, the game of the year, for me, wasn’t even a game the Cardinals won. It was 6/22 @ Boston. Pineiro actually threw a great game and the Cards were on the verge of sweeping the defending Champions before Young Pitcher showed some of his growing pains.
And just when it seemed Papelbon was going to finish the game off, Kennedy, of all people, came through to send it to extra innings.
The end result wasn’t great, but the game certainly was one of the best I’ve seen.

Wow – surprise player of the year has to be Ludwick. Did anybody see his production coming? Be honest, now! The outfield went from major question mark to team strength in a hurry, mostly due to Lud and Schu.

As for most disappointing, I agree that it has to be Izzy. He was solid in 2007, started well in 2008 and just imploded in late May and afterward. You didn’t have to follow the Birds long to know that it was the blown saves that made the year so painful to watch. If Izzy performs, we at least make the playoffs. Granted, Duncan and Reyes did little to contribute, but the team made up for both of them in their positions. Izzy? That’s another blown opportunity.

You guys clearly had higher expectations of Izzy than I did. To me his 2008 didn’t fall so far short of expectations as to constitute a major disappointment — it simply confirmed them. Unfortunately.

On the surprise player:

If someone had told me in March that Ludwick would put up a 299/375/591 line, I’d have been surprised, for sure — but not shocked. My honest guess for him was something like 270/330/500, and while that’s a big leap, it’s not an impossible leap.

If you’d told me, though, that Wellemeyer would pitch 192 innings with a 3.71 ERA, and not through smoke and mirrors… that he would strike out 134 against 62 Ks… and that with the exception of six starts when he wasn’t physically right, he would be as good as anybody on the staff… I’d have been stunned. The July swoon [when, again, he clearly wasn’t physically right] obscures what was a remarkable year for a guy that I didn’t even think should have been in the starting rotation when camp broke.

Just IMO, of course, but the gap between performance and expectation was much bigger for Wellemeyer, in my eyes, than Ludwick.


Most anticiipated player is not going to be Colbhy Rasmus ,this player reminds me of a certain player like Jim Lindeman when he came up he was being compared to the great Stan the Man and never materialized . Colby refused to go to winter ball and the very ideal of trading Ludwick instead of colby just sends shivers down my back Colby has done notheing to prove he is ready. More importantly when was the last power hitter that materialized from the minors-Albert cannot be included becasue he is destiney. Trade Colby now and let somebody else deal with Jim Lindeman T- Festus,Mo

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