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Wanted to weigh in on the deal, and get y’all’s thoughts.

At first blush, I like it quite a lot. Low-risk, high-reward. Greene’s career SLG away from PETCO is over .500. I like that a whole lot. His defense dived last year according to the Fielding Bible, but it sounds like that was just a lost year in a lot of respects. It’s more likely that a 28-year-old player had an off year than that he just lost it entirely.

The problem, obviously, is that we don’t KNOW. He could put up another year of 213/260/340, and that would be bad. But he also be much closer to his 07 performance. What I’d really love to see is a return to his ’04 ways, when Greene had 53 walks AND 50 XBH, for a nice 273/349/446 line. I doubt that, but I do think there’s a chance he could find at least some of his plate discipline again. And that should in turn lead to improvements in batting average and power.

Worrell will probably look decent pitching in SD, but he was never going to get a real look here and he’s not something the Cards will miss. I do not expect the PTBNL will be anyone they’ll miss all that much either — obviously if it’s Jess Todd or something, the look of the deal changes, but my expectation is that that’s not the case.

I expect a line of something like 250/320/450 from Greene in 09, and that’s not an All-Star, but it’s a definite upgrade from Izturis, and if he’s back to being a plus defender, it’s a good ballplayer. Plus, the Cards have saved their main trade chips for another potential deal, either for a SP or a 2B. I think they’re in pretty good shape.

Your thoughts?

-M, marveling again at how much I love “Stay Positive” — there’s zero question what my No. 1 album for the year will be.


I like the deal and would expect or hope for numbers somewhere between his 2007 and 2008 numbers.
He came at a low cost, no ML players and he’s cheaper and younger than Renteria or Cabrerra and he should benefit from getting out of Petco and he seems to be durable, except when punching walls or coolers.

My thoughts are almost exactly like yours, M: this looks good at first blush, but we won’t know _how_ good until we know who the PTBNL is.
Wouldn’t it be amusing if the PTBNL turns out to be Tyler Greene?…

I didn’t follow his whole year last year, but I seem to remember when we played him I liked his defense. I am not sure what the bible says, but I was kind of excited when I heard the deal on the radio this morning. As long as his numbers can get back to 2007 or earlier I will be happy with the deal. M – it must have been a blast to write the book… I just got done reading it, and man lots of memories, great book!! Mo is doing a good job so far this off season a couple more acquisitions, and his job will have been a sucess, at least trying to field a better team this year anyway.

I like the deal as an offensive upgrade from last year at the SS position. Quite a bit more money at the position though. Anyone concerned about this being a one year deal before free agency?

I also think you have to view this deal in terms of the other pieces. How the SS deal looks will likely depend on what goes at 2B and in the pitching dept.

By the way, what is up with Felix Lopez? I liked his offense and versatility with the Birds. Is his contract a part of the roughly $15 milliion in payroll wiggle room? If so, what cost is anticipated?

My guess is that he will hit better than 2008, simply because it was SO awful (Ceasar hit better than him last year). He doesn’t need to be a power source on the Cards so he can relax and find his cut. I predict he’ll have a slow start but come on in mid season ala Glaus in 07.

I mean Glaus in 08.

I don’t really know what to think of this deal. I was hoping that if the Cardinals were to make an improvement at short stop, it’d be someone who gets on base at a decent rate. Khalil Greene isn’t exactly an on base guy, he’s got a career .304 OBP, and an OBP of .318 on the road throughout his career. He is, however, an improvement power wise over Cesar Izturis, and he’s a pretty good defensive short stop, but in 2008 Izturis was the better defensive player. I won’t know what to think of this deal until the season starts and I can see what he can actually do for Saint Louis. I’m hoping he puts up an obp of around .350, that’s probably just me dreaming, but I would love to see that. I think the Cardinals would score more runs if the people at the bottom of their lineup could get on base.

I’d like to see the Cardinals get an upgrade at 2nd base, and trade Kennedy for whatever teams are willing to give us for him. He hasn’t exactly turned out like I hoped he would have in Saint Louis. He’s also requested a trade, due to his limited playing time, so I’d like to give him what he wants, that being the trade, not more playing time. I’d also like to see the addition of another LHP, SP, & possibly a closer. Don’t think we’ll see all 4 though, but it would be nice.

It’s an ok deal. If it turns out that this deal paves the way for another good trade at 2b. Perhaps a deal involving a swap, of sorts, between Hudson and Kennedy. And maybe we could find a way to get Juan Cruz in that deal. I will give Mozeliak some credit here. He could have done much worse, and I think Kahlil Greene will be the kind of guy that feeds off St. Louis fans. Kinda like Eckstein with power and better defense. He will be an exciting Cardinal, I think…wouldn’t be surprised if he quickly became a fan favorite. Good job, MO. Now let’s get some quality pittching. can’t count on Carp being healthy all year.

By the way, Duder, I was wondering if you had heard about the declaration…of a…certain…avion variety?

Assuming he bats 7th, he doesn’t need to have a high OBP. Hes the perfect 7th hitter. Low OBP, doesnt draw many walks, and slugs pretty well. So, his offense will be used efficiently, but I still feel pretty ho hum about the deal. I HATE giving up prospects for 1 expensive year in return.

Wait, what? By not taking many walks and having a low OBP with a high SLG, that makes him the perfect number 7 hitter? I’m confused as to how that works. A perfect number 7 hitter would be someone who gets on base at a decent rate and has a good SLG. Having a low obp means you make more outs. If we bat our pitcher 8th, which Tony said he plans on doing for the 2009 season, wouldn’t it make sense to have someone who can get on base in front of the pitcher, that way the pitcher can bunt them over, that way we don’t have 2 easy outs? By having people who can get on base at the bottom of your lineup, meaning the 7-9 hitters, you have the potential to score more runs.

I’m a Padres fan, and I will really miss Khalil. He’s a great, great player with a lot of talent. His problem is injuries. In 2007, when he was injury-free, he was amazing. His defense is stunning. I absolutely love watching him play short. It’s pretty cool. After the storage box incident (you guys better clear out all storage boxes in the clubhouse), Khalil was able to sit back and recover. I think he will be a lot better than last year. Like, a LOT better. I just hope the guys we are getting back will help us. We will also have to find a new shortstop, but NO ONE can replace Khalil. You guys are getting a great player, and I hope he has a good time in St. Louis.

Re: Fuentes
Why are the Cards wasting their time with him? He wants 3 years and Kerry Wood money, about $10 mil per. Cards offered $18 mil for two years. Plus he wants to pitch close to his west coast home. To get him the Cards need to pony up or move on. They have not met his 3 requests. Show him the money!
I get fed up with Cards always kicking the tires but never making the sale. Kind of like being a bridesmaid all the time.

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