Two posts in one day, or, more on TLR's chat

See, I told you I intended to blog more.

There’s a story going up on the site regarding the main topic from our talk with TLR today, which was the ninth inning. But here’s a summary of that and some of the other various topics.

On closers…

* Fuentes just wanted to pitch in California. “I just think we weren’t going to get him unless we paid ridiculously.”

* They’re looking at potential starters from other teams to make into a closer, and talked to one guy’s agent about that very topic at the Winter Meetings.

* No intention of doing that with one of their OWN starters. Would only do it with Carpenter if it was best for his health. If health allows, Carpenter is starting.

* Juan Cruz and Brandon Lyon are in their picture, but Cruz’s Type A status and perhaps his price are negatives.

* Someone like Saito or Cordero, with health questions, he’d be OK with IF that guy passed a physical. I still think this is unlikely.

On the outfield…

* Acknowledged that they have a lot of OFs, and could still do a deal.

* Re: Rasmus: “He’s got the kind of ability that, when he’s ready to play, somebody gets pushed aside.”

* Also re: Rasmus: “If there was a deal that was helpful to our club involving one of our outfielders, then it seems like that would be a good move to make, and push Colby. I think he’s ready to be pushed. I have no problem pushing him because he’s got exciting ability. But right now, with what we’ve got, who do you push aside? But if there’s a trade there for something you need…”

Other stuff…

* Didn’t really answer a question about Schumaker getting a look in the infield, but did say they’ll give Mather some reps there in spring.

* Sounded like he considers 2B something of a question mark, with Kennedy the favorite but not a lock. Mentioned Ryan and Barden, among others.



I hope none of our REDBIRD fans think i”m stupid but, would a guy like Garciaparra at second base help us? he can hit. could he stay healthy? any money left?

Rad, I think that’s a very valid question. If he’s relatively cheap to acquire I think that could be a good move.

I think Nomar’s best days are behind him and he has been injury prone the last few years.
I for one can live with Kennedy for 1 more year as long as the Cards solve the closer problem and add a starter.
With Greene at Short the offense should be improved over 2008.

I’m not a doctor but I find it hard to believe that being a closer would be for Carpenter. Sometimes closers will warm up in the pen several days in a row.

I kind of agree with you, but warming up days in a row is still a lot easier than pitching 100% for 7 innings… Look at, dare I mention it, Kerry Wood. Even though his health is still a little bit of an issue he had a heck of a year at closer… Just a thought. I am not a doctor either…

It’s not really a question of which is more or less difficult, IMO. They’re just different.

For some pitchers, recovery really is a major issue. They can pitch longer and less often, and going several days in a row is a real problem. For some, the fatigue of a long outing is an issue, but as long as they can recover sufficiently, they’re OK. Think of the old “Sunday starter” concept with someone like David Cone.


I read where Andy Pettite turned down a 1-year offer from the Yankees for $10 mil. I would think Cards should pursue him for 1 year as a bridge to the young arms. Then trade OF depth for a closer.

*waves goodbye to ankiel* Bye bye, overrated. Bye bye

reports out of New York that the Mets have made an offer to Tim Redding and are preparing an offer for Randy Wolf,
probably in the event they don’t sign Derek Lowe.
This would not, in my opinion, be good for the market because the Mets have money and may well overpay for these guys and drive up the asking price for the remaining free agent pitchers. Hope I am wrong.
Not that I think the Cards should go after Redding. But I would not mind signing Wolf for a one or two year deal.

M, this is off subject but who do I contact to suggest that the Cardinals caravan come through Northwest Arkansas??

It basically only goes through Missouri and Illinois…with one stop in Iowa.

I actually think that MO is making the right move. No need in getting caught up in the fee agent frenzy right now. Probably better off to wait to see who fall out of contention and make a move then.

Brayman, do you mean wait until July dealine to trade or wait to see which free agents aren’t signed by spring? If Cards take this roster into July they will be out of contention. No closer and not good enough of a rotation.
And quite frankly none of the lefties in the pen give me much confidence.
If you mean wait to see if the free agent market comes down some, I agree. My fear with waiting is that the teams with the money will overpay to get who they want and thus drive up the market for the middle market teams.

Have the cardinals got any interest in oliver perez in a starter for this year imo i think they (dunc and tlr) could utilize him and with molina behind the plate i think he would be a great candidate to bring in.

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