Lucky Seven is ALIIIIIVE!

1. Which free agent starter appeals to you most? Why?

2. Who will close for the 2009 Cardinals? Who should?

3. Who will get the most at-bats at second base for the 2009 Cardinals? Who should?

4. Who will be the 5 or 6 outfielders on the Opening Day roster? Which 5 or 6 should be there?

5. What was the album of the year for 2008? Song of the year?

6. Movie of the year?

7. Who wins the Super Bowl?

-M, falling in love with Exile On Main Street again.


1. Which free agent starter appeals to you most? Why?

Ben Sheets. Highest upside, and as this market continues to inch along he might be a comfy short-term deal, too.

2. Who will close for the 2009 Cardinals? Who should?

Perez. Asked and answered.

3. Who will get the most at-bats at second base for the 2009 Cardinals? Who should?

Kennedy, barring injury. He’s the best option right now.

4. Who will be the 5 or 6 outfielders on the Opening Day roster? Which 5 or 6 should be there?

I think there’s ample reason to believe that Rasmus will be one of them. Just listen to how they phrase things. The door is wide open to him …

5. What was the album of the year for 2008? Song of the year?

The Hold Steady’s Stay Positive is so good, so strong, and yet Chinese Democracy continues to grow on me. I think it’s just the nostalgia of it. I also liked Snow Patrol’s latest. But, heck, what do I know? The disc that gets the most spins at my place is from 2007 — Foo Fighters’ Echoes, Silence … etc. And, yes, it is the little man’s favorite. My song of the year or THE song of the year. Isn’t “Single Ladies” going to be remembered as the song of the year?

6. Movie of the year?

It better be The Watchmen. Oh, you meant 2008? Easy: The Dark Knight.

7. Who wins the Super Bowl?

Bruce Springsteen.

1. Garland-Durable, 30 years old. Healthy and cheaper than Sheets.
2. Bullpen by committee-Perez and Motte. Not much available out there.
3. Kennedy-final year of contract so he will be motivated. No othe roptions. No money to get a FA.
4. Rasmus, Sch, Ludwick, Mather, Duncan and Barton. Ankiel will be traded for a starter.
5. got me here.
6. no idea.
7. Pittsburg Steelers

Pitching is the main priority. The implosion of the pen in 2008 shows that. The pen cost the Cards a playoff spot in 2008. Not the hitting, not the defense, not the manager. If the pen had 10 more saves and/or wins the Cards could have won 96 games.

1. Ben Sheets. He’s a beast when he’s healthy. Had 31 starts last year…

2. The kids… I’m fine with perez.

3. Kennedy. Kennedy.

4. Ankiel, Shumaker, Ludwick, Rasmus, Duncan. Ank, Shu, Lud, Ras, and mather

5. ummm Jason Mraz’s new album. song of the year… “ok is alright with me” by eric hutchinson

6. I really liked Ghost Town🙂 Ricky Gervais (my favorite comedian) finally gets his own lead in a movie–(honorable mention: dark knight, but only because of Heath Ledger)

7. the bulls in 3

1. Ben Sheets. He’s been healthier than his reputation and he’s a dominant, #1 type guy when he’s on.

2. Perez and Motte, depending on the hot hand. And that’s probably the way it should be.

3. Adam Kennedy, who should until he proves otherwise.

4. I’m going to guess they won’t be able to pull off a trade, so you’ll have Ankiel, Ludwick, Schumaker, Mather, and Rasmus. As long as Duncan isn’t there (he really should go to Memphis to get back into full swing of things) it’s all good.

5. No clue.

6. Being that I only saw two, I’m fairly sure that I’ll be the only one to put down Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 🙂

7. Pittsburgh

1. Oliver Perez. Southpaw that seems to be a good Duncan project (as much as I hate that concept).
2. Izzy (don’t rule it out) and Chris Perez.
3. Kennedy and Ryan.
4.Ankiel, Ludwick, Schumaker, Mather, Barton, Rasmus
5. The ’59 Sound got the most spins. Song: “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab
6. Dark Knight was the only one that blew me away. Slumdog was pretty good, too.
7. The Cardinals!

1. Which free agent starter appeals to you most? Why?

I like oliver perez. I think he can turn his career around while working with Duncan. His stuff is electric and he is durable.

2. Who will close for the 2009 Cardinals? Who should?

I think it will be a mixture of guys, but McClellan closes the most games towards the end. I like Josh Kinney holding the position. He’s got guts. I remember him showing no fear in 2006, and if his stuff is where it was, I like his attitude in the position.

3. Who will get the most at-bats at second base for the 2009 Cardinals? Who should?

It will probably be Kennedy. I would like it to be Dan Uggla. With him approaching arbitration, I think there could be a real opportunity to grab him up there.

4. Who will be the 5 or 6 outfielders on the Opening Day roster? Which 5 or 6 should be there?

Ludwick, Duncan, Mather, Schumacher, & Rasmus. I think that sounds about right.

5. What was the album of the year for 2008? Song of the year?

Jason Mraz: “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.” & his song “I’m yours.”

6. Movie of the year?

Dark Knight. Depending on my mood, I could also argue for Step Brothers.

7. Who wins the Super Bowl?

Philadephia 21, Baltimore 16

It’s nice to be back on the Lucky 7 Train!

1. Garland and Sheets – both can be good pitchers under Dave Duncan
2. I’m sure that Perez will close for the Cards unless they sign someone else for that spot
3. Kennedy most likely will (sigh). I’ve been hoping that the Cards will give Brendan Ryan a shot.
4. Ankiel, Ludwick, Duncan, Barton, and Schumaker. Duncan and Barton should both not be on there, but they most likely will anyways. I think Rasmus will be called up later in the year, but not right away.
5. Not sure on the album, but the song of year was “Shock of the Lightning” by Oasis
6. Dark Knight is easily the movie of the year
7. Pittsburgh will win the “Pennsylvania Super Bowl” over Philadelphia. Pitt 28, Philly 20

1. Ben Sheets, by far, has the most potential of all the F.A’s. If healthy, he is one of the 10 most dominant pitchers is baseball, but that is a big “if healthy”. For the money, I think Looper would probably be the most economical.
2. I think perez gets the most, but I do like the idea of McClellan getting some opps. Motte will see limited action in the closer’s role.
3. Unfortunately, I think Kennedy gets the bulk of the AB’s. Would have loved to be writing Orlando Hudson’s name right here…
4. Lud, Skip, Ank, Mather, Barton, and Rasmus…I think it will take a great spring for Rasmus to stay, but he will do it!
5. No idea? Pretty much listen to MLB channel on XM Radio
6. Dark Knight…I do love Step Brothers as well….Boats n Hoes!
7. Steelers

1. Ben Sheets
2. Ben Sheets
3. Ben Sheets
4. Ben Sheets
5. Ben Sheets
6. Ben Sheets
7. Ben Sheets

Regardless of who plays the outfield or 2B, and regardless of what music is played in the clubhouse and which movie is watched on the flights to California, The Easiest way for the Cardinals to throw their hat into the playoff race is clear: Ben Sheets

1) Which free agent appeals the most: Peavy, then Sheets if healthy. Realistically: Oliver Perez
2) Who will close?: Committee with Kinney #1, then Motte, Perez
Who SHOULD? Mark Mulder should be invited to camp as a non-roster free agent to try and make the team…as a closer. He won’t make the team unless TLR and Duncan feel he’s fully recovered physically AND mentally…BUT, if he DOES…
3) Second Base?: Adam Kennedy, pushed hard this spring by Skip Schumaker.
Who SHOULD?: Skip Schumaker. If Kennedy has the year I think he will, Schu stays available as a starting left fielder, or any place in the infield. He becomes the first man off the bench, too, taking Miles’s place.
4) Five or six outfielders?: Ankiel, Rasmus, Ludwick, Mather, Stavinoha and Schumaker. If we get a top of the rotation starter, deal Ludwick and Duncan, who both have enormous potential, but issues. Ludwick has had ONE great year and has kicked around and been hurt, otherwise. Duncamn has demonstrated enormous power, but hasn’t shown it as he’s been hurt. Both come relatively cheap to a team like the Padres dumping an expensive outfield and an expensive starter in Peavy.
Who SHOULD?: Same six, unless we trade for a left field bat behind Albert.
5) Album of the year?: “TROUBLE IN MIND”, Hayes Caril
Song of the year? “IT’S A SHAME”, Caril
6) Movie of the year?: No Idea…HOWEVER,
7) Super Bowl?: Arizona Cardinals (Kurt Warner, MVP)

I left Carpenter out. IF he’s fully reccovered, he’s in the rotation. If not 100%, but can pitch, he’d be an ideal closer until he is. Other closer possibilities? Pedro and Looper.

1) Ben Sheets
2) Chris Perez. Chris Perez.
3) Adam Kennedy. I wouldn’t mind seeing Brendan Ryan compete for 2nd base. I know he didn’t do so well in 2008, but I’m not about to give up on him. I liked what he did in 2007, and I think he can get back to that and put up good numbers all year long.
4) LF-Ryan Ludwick, CF-Colby Rasmus, RF-Rick Ankiel. Bench: Joe Mather & Skip Schumacker. If Rick Ankiel is traded before the start of the season, Ryan Ludwick Should move to RF and Chris Duncan, Skip Schumacker, and Joe Mather should compete for the Left Field spot. This of course depending on Duncan’s health and if he can return to his old form. I know he may not be that great defensively, but his bat is solid when he’s healthy.
5) Death Magnetic. I’m a huge Metallica fan, both old and new, I don’t care what other peoples opinion of them are, they’re one of my favorite bands.
6) The Dark Knight, hands down. This is possibly my favorite movie of all time, well, at least thus far. Heath Ledger was brilliant. (May he rest in peace).
7) The team that wins the super bowl is the team that will win the super bowl, I don’t pay attention the NFL enough.

1.) Ben Sheets, because of his stuff. of course his health history makes him a HUGE risk.
2.) Probably Ryan Franklin, but it SHOULD BE Perez/Motte.
3.)Kennedy. Adam should get the most if he’s playing well. It’s a contract year, so I bet he’ll have his best season in STL.
4.)Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, Barton, Mather. Who SHOULD be? Same.
5.)I’m not qualified to answer this one.
6.)The Dark Knight
7.)Philadelphia will be the first city to win the WS and Super Bowl in the same “season”.

1. Ben Sheets. He’s a bona fide ace when healthy.

2. Franklin, Perez.

3. Kennedy, Kennedy. Seriously. I love the kids, but let ’em duke it out for a piece of the pie this year.

4. 6: Ankiel, Ludwick, Skip, Barton, Mather and Duncan. I can’t make a judgment until we see ST to determine if Rasmus is ready or still cookin’.

5. Way to Normal by Ben Folds.

6. I’m literally seeing every buzz-worthy film in theaters around the StL region. I’ll be checking out the Wrestler at the Tivoli on Monday, can’t wait! I love film (it’s what I do for a living, technically), so this is a fun time of year with a crowded field–no sure-shot winners this year. Thus far, my favorites are WALL-E, the Reader, and Gran Torino. And of course, the Dark Knight is tremendous. Everybody loves that one.

7. Steelers over Cardinals 28-17 has been my prediction since postseason, Steelers since the beginning of the season. As a Seahawks fan, though, I hate ’em.

1. Obviously Ben Sheets has shown he is a top of the line pitcher,,,,,,,,,. Injuries OUCH! To many. Living in Chicago for the past 30 years I have become a White Sox follower. Having seen Garland pitch he would be a great addition to the staff. Pitching alot of innings 2005-221, 06-211, 07- 208, and 08- 196 32 starts every year and has had few injury problems. With Duncan as his coach he will only be better.
2. Motte, Perez If Carp is not ready to go as starter use as closer. Explore trade with Mets for Putz
3.Kennedy by default
4. Ank, Schu, Ludwick, Mather, Duncan, Barton
7 Cards

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