Winter Warm-Up Day 2, running thread

Hello again from the work room at the Millennium.

11:15 am – Skip Schumaker on second base, a suggestion which seems to baffle him: “First of all, I think Adam Kennedy can do the job. I just want to go out and say that. He had, I think one bad month or something last year. The guy obviously has done it before, and he wants to do it again here.

“Secondly, I was a shortstop in high school and college, and I moved to the outfield my last year in college. I played infield before. There’s a reason why I’m in the outfield, I think.”

11:05 am – Brad Thompson is confident his 2009 contract will be done soon. “This is the first time my agent has had to work for his money. I think it’s something that’s going to be done soon. I don’t think we’re that far off. It should be done.”

10:55 am – Rick Ankiel said his surgery went very well and he’s going through normal season prep. “I’m preparing,” he said. “I rehabbed the first 6-8 weeks, then took it slow the next probably four weeks, and then after that, back to the regular regimen.”

Ankiel was noncommittal on the possibility of working out a deal before he reaches free agency, but don’t put too much stock in it. He’s pretty much always noncommittal about that sort of thing.

“As I said before, all I can do is focus on being healthy and playing a whole year. Everything else will take care of itself after that. … Absolutely, I’ve told [Scott Boras] I want to work in St. Louis. But for me, it’s just focusing on having a healthy year. If you don’t play, nobody’s going to want you.”



So is TLR trying to get Skip to play second base in camp? To use as an emergency backup, I hope. I can see LaRussa playing Skip at second. He played Kennedy in right field and first base. I think LaRussa would love to have an all-super utility man-team. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Skip on the infield.
It’s nice to hear Anks’ attitude about playing. It sounds like a hard-working, focus on now attitude.I like it. I think it’ll serve him well this year.

Okay, that’s funny – an agent working for his money!


The fact that Skip has not been told about this possibility by LaRussa makes me think even more that TLR wants him to play some 2B this year. TLR is a horrible communicator.

slf, that’s two entries in a row that you’ve beaten me to the punch… why, oh why, do Cards players sound so confused so often????

I think it could be an excellent move IF he can make the transition. He has some experience playing shortstop in high school, so he’s not entirely unfamiliar with the infield. It will pressure Kennedy, who’s going to be a free agent next season, to perform at a high level; but most importantly, it opens up center field for Colby Rasmus who consensus feels will take over at the position eventually, anyway. A Skip Schumaker capable of playing both the infield and outfield would create a sort of “Super Miles”, starting at several positions when his steady bat and lead off skills are needed as well as being the first man off the bench at other times…a hallmark of one of TLR’s favorite types of player. I wonder if he can pitch!

I hope someone is hitting fly balls to Duncan.

Why are so many people so concerned about Duncan’s defense? From what I saw early on last year, his defense in the OF has improved dramatically. He was making diving catches and managed to catch most of the balls that he should have. He’s still a far cry from a gold glover, but he is getting better. I’m much more concerned about him regaining his form at the plate. He looked absolutely awful and uncomfortable at the plate last season before his injury.

I agree, he WAS quite a bit better, but still was taking strange and wondrous routes to the ball, often necessitating those diving catches and desperation grabs. But you’re right, it’s at the plate that he REALLY looked bad…from what I understand of the nature of his injury you can hardly blame him. It’s like a flinch developed from too much big bore rifle shooting…you KNOW it’s coming and no matter how much you fight it, it still comes. One GOOD thing about Duncan playing left is that because most of our pitchers are right-handed, most clubs are going to try and load up the batting order with left-handed bats and he’ll see fewer chances in the outfield. If he’s back at the plate the way he was before he was hurt, he would be a terrific asset at clean up!

He does take bad routes, but that will improve with experience.

SLForre, I know you’ve told me not to direct my posts towards you, but dang it, I’m doing it anyways. I agree with what you’ve said about Duncan. I’m not that concerned with his defense as I am his bat. Oquendo is very good at teaching people to be better defensively at their position. He has them play other positions during warm up in order to improve upon their Range. If I remember correctly he’s had Molina play 3rd base during warm up, but I’m not entirely sure, so please don’t quote me on that. I feel as if a lot of Duncan’s uncomfortableness at the plate was due to that Sport Hernia he was recovering from that occurred during the previous season and due to the disk in his neck. If you put those two things into account and you can understand why he wasn’t exactly comfortable. Another reason he may not be entirely used to playing in the OF is because he was a 1st baseman in the minors.

It’s cool man. I’m with you on the injuries causing his offensive struggles. But I know that just being healthy is not going to be enough for Chris Duncan. He’s gonna need to work very hard to regain his swing, his timing, and his eye at the plate. I just hope he is tough enough and dedicated enough to put the work in and regain his old form without the help of illegal supplements. I was told by a good team insider that Dunc was into that in his younger days.

Skip at second. Yeap makes since to me. Take good outfielder put him at second to learn the postion, IGNORE the palyers you have to play second that have not been given a true chance to prove they can or can play every day. Brendon Ryan and/or Tyler Greene. I know they are listed as shortstops, but at least they play the infield and would be able to make an easier transtion to second than Skip has time to do.

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