Glaus to have surgery

The Cardinals surprised just about everyone on Thursday when they announced that third baseman Troy Glaus has undergone right shoulder surgery that will sideline him for 12 weeks.

According to an official release by the club, Glaus underwent an arthroscopic procedure for debridement, or cleaning out, of his throwing shoulder. Dr. Lewis Yocum performed the operation in Los Angeles.

The Cardinals listed the recovery time at 12 weeks, although it was unclear whether that referred to the time Glaus will be unable to play at all, or the time that he’s expected to be unavailable to the Major League roster. Glaus, 32, had a fine first season in St. Louis, batting .270 with a .372 on-base percentage and .483 slugging percentage.

Glaus has missed large chunks of three of the past six seasons due to injury. Most recently, he was limited to 115 games in 2007 as a result of plantar fasciitis. He has one year and $11.25 million remaining on his current contract.

It’s unclear who would take the bulk of the at-bats in Glaus’ absence, but third base is one of the deepest positions for the Cardinals. David Freese, Joe Mather and possibly even 2008 Draft pick Brett Wallace could push for playing time.

Glaus addressed reporters over the weekend at the annual Cardinals Care Winter Warm-Up and made no mention of any physical malady that had plagued him this winter.


Wow. That’s not the news I wanted to hear today. At least it’s at third base, where the competition will be very fun to watch the kids swing for the job.

Yeah, but can you really say it surprises you? I can’t. I expect Glaus will have a down year and injury issues will be the culprit.

Why does it seem players almost always wait until the end of the off season and/or just before training camp to have surgey that will keep them out for months of the regular season. Don’t they know they have a problem and need to get it taken care of? That way they can rehab and be ready to play at training camp and for the season? One year left 11mil missing at least three months. Things that make yo go ummmmmmmmmm.

how many offseason surgeries has this team had already gees…

for me, its best to focus on how this could turn out to be a positive thing for us. i really, really hope that one of these young guys steps up in a huge way and proves all the talkers right about their potential. wouldn’t that be a nice story??? it will give joe morgan something else to talk about besides ankiels story for the millionth time

Well, it’s not 3 months from the start of the season. I mean, it COULD be if things go poorly. But it’s 3 months from today, which if that’s actually how it turns out, means he’s back in the second week of the season. Again, there’s certainly no guarantee it’ll work smoothly, but I think that’s worth noting.

But as for the explanation, it sounds like it’s what I wrote in the story. He felt like it was pretty minor when the season ended, so he figured he’d give it the time off and see if it healed. He started working out, felt something, got a shot. The shot didn’t get it done, so surgery.

It’s not ideal, by any means. But I think it’s worth paying attention to the time sequence.


Good explanation, Dude. That does shed light on the issue. Obviously I’m not optimistic about Glaus’ health this year, so who do you think has the best shot at getting the most AB’s there?

Interesting that Glaus didn’t say anything over the weekend. Makes you wonder if it’s worse then they say.


I think the injury to Glaus could be a good thing. Give the prospects a chance to battle it out in spring training to show what they have.
That way the Cards have a better idea how to go forward in 2010.
Let Freese, Wallace and Mather have a shot. Young and cheap. It could also improve their trade value. The experience can’t hurt.
Let’s face it. This is Troy’s last year as a Card. Use this as an opportunity to build for the future. I’d trade the Cards having an average 2009 for better years down the road, when the Cubs etc. start to slide.

ps. Did anybody see the ESPN article rating both Rasmus and Wallace in the top 25 prospects?

Hey guys, why is anyone not discussing Allen Craig in this mix of 3B’s? His AAA minor league hitting stats (BA, HR, RBI) are comparable to Mather’s, just a bil under Freese. He also shared 3B w/Freese, each getting about 120 games. Freese had a .967 fielding percentage, Craig had .947. Even with Glaus out of spring training, it’s a crowded field.

As one who has had shoulder surgery similar to what Glaus had, it’s a given that everyone does not recover at the same speed. He may still be on limited duty after his rehab is over.

Why does no one talk about Brenden Ryan? Did something happen that I missed? I like his defense and I think he could be a good lead off man in a year or two. I know his primary position isn’t third, but I don’t think he was mentioned much ever this off season even after Izturis was let go… Anyway just wondering…

mainly because Ryan struggled so much last year that he is no longer considered “ahead” of many players either defensively or offensively…so he has to prove himself again this year.

Indications so far, however, are good for Brendan Ryan. Reports have him adding anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds (intentional) to bulk up and he’s coming in focused and ready. La Russa has even mentioned him as a serious contender for second base vs. Adam Kennedy.

As far as third, I think Ryan is possibly 3rd or 4th…possibly even 5th or 6th on the list of preferrable 3rd base replacements. Possible players ahead of him for 3B considerations:

1. David Freese (my pick)
2. Joe Mather (ability at 1st and all 3 OF gives him an advantage)
3. Brett Wallace (but I would like to see him a year in AAA)
4. Allen Craig (this is a maybe…)
5. Brian Barden (really like him)
6. THEN Brendan Ryan

AND that doesn’t even consider Joe Thurston…a possibility when you ask a few people inside the organization.

If Ryan’s going to make this team, it’s not going to be as a third baseman…it may very well be as a utility guy or even a starting second baseman.

“Hey guys, why is anyone not discussing Allen Craig in this mix of 3B’s? His AAA minor league hitting stats (BA, HR, RBI) are comparable to Mather’s, just a bil under Freese. ”

Craig hasn’t been in AAA, yet…he’s a AA player in Springfield.

And, to be honest, no one really knows what to make of Craig. His power numbers – in my opinion – are a bit deceptive. Springfield’s AA field has a VERY short porch in left field…and many of Craig’s homers land in the bullpen just beyond.

He has obvious power, but don’t expect his numbers to translate directly to AAA or MLB level…the fields are bigger and the pitching is better.

At third, Craig is okay…he has a good arm (from what I’ve seen…I live near Springfield and get to see a few games), but I’ve also see him botch a few plays he should handle…normally, a “few” plays are no big deal…but keep in mind that I only get to a handful of games a year…

Freese is clearly ahead of him…but Craig could get a shot to outplay a few people in Spring Training. Never know.

Agree it is 3 months from today. With Glaus’s injury record, will he be ready to go? Is it, considering the setbacks we have had the past couple years with injuries something to
be confident about? AS jlspellm stated a real postive about the surgery will be Freese, Mather, and Wallace will hopefully get the bulk of the time at third during the spring. Maybe we can find out what the furture will hold and maybe it will give us another option for trade value to help our pitching or second base holes.

Scratch another free agent pitcher off the available list. Pettite signed with the Yankess for $5.5 mil plus incentives. One year deal.
What a steal. Lefty, durable and only a one year committment.
I wonder what that does to the value of the remaining free agent pitchers, like Garland and Wolf? It shrinks the pool of talent but does it decrease their value?
Pettite must have really wanted to play in the new stadium.

another one bites the dust. Garland has agreed to a reported one-year deal with Arizona for about $7 mil.
The Cubs have traded Olsen, acquired earlier from the Orioles to the Mariners for Heilman, who they acquired from the Mets.

The pool of FA pitchers is getting smaller every day. I wish Mo would do something soon. Prices are falling and so are length of contract demands.
Pettite and Garland both signed for one year.
Pettite originally asked for $16 mil and got about $6 mil.
Garland wanted about $12 mil and got about $7mil.

Looper is still out there and was hoping for a 3-year deal worth about $18 mil. Right now I think he’d be lucky to get
1 year for $6 mil, maybe $5 mil.
Not sure what Wolf wants but he previously turned down a 1-year from Arizona as did Garland before he reconsidered.
I think wolf wanted a 3-year deal.

Is a week of no real news a good or bad sign as other teams continue to produce results? I know what I think.

i’m completely convinced that ownership does not care about winning in 2009. They HOPE to compete. That’s not what I want to see on the field.

Come on guys why would Mo make a move?? I mean after all he did tell us how “Aggressive” the cards were gonna be, talked so much about how excited they were that “SO MUCH MONEY” was falling off the books and what do we have to show for it?? TALK TALK TALK!!! I mean after all our rotation is set as long as Carps arm stays in tact, our 2nd base is set as long as the guy we tried to trade, figured out no one wanted and then made him our starter plays well, our SS is set as long as Greene remembers how to hit, Our relief is set as long as our kids dont’ flop at the end of games and Rasmus is the untouchable wonder kid that is gonna make the difference…as long as he can find a spot to play. Good Job MO You have obviously addressed all of our needs while sitting on a nice fat portion of that money while all the free agents sign for…let’s see what were you saying about short term free agents that “FIT” into the Cards budget fall off one after another. I’m sure that Garland and his 7 mil or Pettite and his 6 mil didn’t “FIT” though right?? So I wonder just who or what does fit?? Oh and one more thing…When the best player in baseball and arguably one of the franchises best players asks you to look into the opportunity to sign a hall of fame hitter “Ramirez” with the possibility of signing him to a discount and making one of the most feared lineups in the game..take longer then 24 hours to shoot his idea down like this man doesn’t matter to your ballclub!!! Thanks…Keep up the GREAT Work!

C’mon Man … sign Manny? Why add payroll to an area of team strength and bring in a cancerous player? Manny is great, no doubt about it; WHEN Manny wants to be great. One reason I love the Birds is that they play The Cardinal way. Class, hustle, etc. Spend $20 million for someone who plays THE Manny way? Not me. Truth is, I like the way this team is shaping up, with one exception. I’d love to see an upgrade at 2B. Otherwise, rotation is solid, bullpen has great potential and offense should be good. We lack depth and some of the flexibility that TLR likes on the bench. Otherwise, I’m happy. I understand we need to be unusually healthy, but we are due for a good run. We don’t need no stinkin Manny!

I don’t believe I ever said to sign Manny for 20mil. No One is going to sign him for that amount I think that is obvious. If you read or listen about Manny you would know that he was never a cancer to the clubhouse but the ownership/management wasn’t too fond of him. Putting him with one of his best friends (Pujols) would be like putting him with one of his best friends in Boston (Ortiz), they sure hated him in L.A. last year didn’t they! You get a dynamic 1-2 punch and then the opposing pitcher gets to make a decision with who he wants to pitch around. There isn’t one guy in our current outfield that Manny isn’t better then and if for one second your going to tell me that you wouldn’t rather see Manny in left instead of Skip then your a moron. The rest of your post sounds like your reading out of Uncle Mo’s book…The rotation is solid?? What IF Carp pitches 5 games..still think so? Bullpen has great “potential” I love that word..I sure hope the “potential” doesn’t cost us another postseason appearance with the blown saves again. TLR has a right to be upset about the depth the ownership is not aquiring and the non-insurance of a fragile rotation/closer situation. But I’m sure since we are “due” for a good run whatever that means there are no problems in paradise outside of Kennedy.

I have to say that as much as I dislike Manny Ramirez, I still would prefer to see him in St.Louis than to make no significant moves whatsoever. On the other hand, we don’t NEED an outfielder or another big bat. We do NEED another starter and a proven back of the bullpen pitcher. So by needs I’d say No to Manny. BUT if you’re not going to improve your pitching, then you may need that extra offense Manny would provide. Of course he’s a big downgrade in defense from Skip, but not from Duncan.

Without a doubt Ramirez is a big defensive upgrade from Shumacher, but also without a doubt if we have him hitting behind Pujols we have one of the best lineups in baseball with 2 of the most feared hitters in the league right in the middle. I completely agree that we need to sign or trade for a quality pitcher whether starter or closer or both first, but the only starters left worth anything are Sheets and Wolf and the “closers” are all gone. That is why I say if your going to bank on Carp and the youngsters go get that dynamic offensive player for a year or 2 and give yourself the extra chance at that extra run or 2 that your going to need.

Manny is no defensive upgrade over anyone in our outfield, except maybe Duncan. And, while Manny is better than anyone we have offensively, his cost is way too high, unless you are a moron. Doesn’t seem like the Dodgers are feeling the love does it? And, as long as we are playing “what if”, what if Manny gets hurt? I noticed while playing with his bestest buddy Ortiz in Boston, it did not keep him from dodging out of the lineup whenever he wanted to make a Manny statement. What if Pujols gets hurt? What if Ankiel and Ludwick and Rasmus get hurt? What if Perez gets hurt? Unless you are a moron, you have to realize that anyone can be injured. Yes, some have more risk and history, but you have to admit anyone can go down – unless you are a moron.

I can’t help but wonder why he waited so close to spring training to have this done.


Slata, I don’t know why you would think Manny is a defensive upgrade over Skip. Skip can run better, therefore can get to and catch more balls. Skip has as good or better arm. Manny is known for dropping easy flies, missing the cutoff, cutting off throws he shouldn’t, and otherwise bad defense. I mean, I’m almost with you on his offense but his D is no where near up to par.
Scott, I get why you kept repeating the phrase, but it’s not necessary. Everyone on here is simply stating their opinion,
and I think this argument can be made either way. I don’t think the few previous posts deal with any “what if” scenarios other than Carp, and I think we all know that the chances that Carp stays healthy are slimmer than ever. He’s had more surgeries than Pamela Anderson. It seems silly to believe that this team is any better than last years.

Last year, he was battling spring allergies and his bat didn’t really warm up until June, so I guess he’ll be rejoining us about the same time. Until then, let the kids play!

SLForre77, thanks for catching my repitition for what it was. I agree that Carp is a huge question mark. I can also see that MO and company are hanging the season on Carp’s health. I happen to think it is a good bet. That is why I am optimistic. Give Mo and company some credit. They may be cheap, but they aren’t dumb. I think the Dude’s latest article is the reason for my optimism, Or perhaps, it is numbness from the neck up in this long Michigan winter. Either way, I am looking forward to the season. There is just something about spring training that brings hope. Maybe this is how Cub fans feel every January?

Hahahahahaha! That MUST be how Cubs fans feel in January! Ah, that’s good stuff. I gotta say I’m a lot less optimistic than you about this season, for the same reason you ARE optimistic it sounds like. I just don’t think hanging the season on Carp’s health is a good plan. IF they had some sort of back-up plan, I’d be all for it. But they don’t and that is what troubles me most. Carp has pitched all of, what, 15 innings the last TWO YEARS! Even if he does remain healthy, he may not be nearly as effective. And as slata said, management DID talk a LOT about money coming off the books and how they were going to be more agressive. That was a big, fat LIE. I don’t like that, and I definitely won’t be spending any of my hard earned money at Busch Stadium this year. I’m very disappointed in ownership and management. Now if by some miracle the Cards do have a good season, make the playoffs, and play well in the playoffs, THEN I’ll admit I was wrong. Until then, I remain pessimistic and disappointed.

My apologies..Not sure what I was thinking when I typed Upgrade..meant to type Downgrade. Obviously I’m not that big of a moron🙂

And Scott while I know I said Moron in response to your post and you did a good job ruining a post by using that word 100 times, I wasn’t calling you a moron by saying “you” and “your” I was referring to anyone that would say they would rather have Skip then Manny sorry for the misunderstanding. And SLforre your right the only what if scenario is Carp, and I’m not really sure with what the past 2 years have shown why you “Scott” think this is a good move. The past few years we have been burned by hoping on the injured with zero results ie (Mulder, Carpenter, Clement) I love Carpenter and he is a dominant pitcher when healthy but to hang your teams playoff hopes on the previously operated shoulder and elbow of him isn’t smart. If he wants to do that why hasn’t he made an offer to Sheets? I too look forward to spring training every single year but when a GM promises aggression and spending and then does the exact opposite it upsets me. And when the best player in baseball makes a suggestion and the GM brushes it off like it doesn’t matter that bothers me and “what if” we can sign him for a bargain until he can get more money elsewhere isn’t it worth a shot? So without another starter or closer I’m very pessimistic about this season. If Carp pitches well and Perez or Motte save 40 games then I tip my hat and will be man enough to admit I was wrong, if Carp goes down after 2 starts and we blow 30 saves again…well the I told you so might slip out!

Better to find out and take care of it when there are no game that matter. Best case scenario he is back before April 1st in shape and ready to hit the bricks to bring a title to St Louis.

This is about the time that little bits of information will start to trickle out about off season injuries and over zealous training leading to muscle tears and strains.

Hopefully there is not an epidemic of it in baseball this off season. But then again, in some divisions the door to the playoffs is open and players are working overtime to get there in 2009.

Rays Renegade

Guys, the dude has – over the years – made it very clear that we’re to treat each other with respect. The “moron” stuff’s unnecessary and adds nothing to the quality of anyone’s argument… and there are viable arguments to be had (and they’ve been made) here, on different sides of these issues.

Me, personally, I’m not happy about the state of the starting pitching (depth and injury histories), the relief pitching (closer, what closer?), and second base (I like Kennedy but don’t think he’s in a viable place w/r/t TLR). I’m also disappointed in the aggressiveness and success Mo’s had, given the money available to and trades possible by him.

Lastly, the whole discussion of Manny has pertained to playing in the outfield and his ability at the bat. There are two other issues: he is an utterly and completely abysmal base runner (errors in the field and lousy base running can lose you a world series… just as Brandon Inge) and, if he can’t get along with Terry Francona, how’s it likely to go with TLR?

Sooo….since Glaus is going to be out for the first month at least, who do you HOPE will be the guy to step up? I’m pulling for David Freese or Brett Wallace.

Tyler Greene’s eyes look creepy in that pictureon the main site. He looks like a stalker guy or something. Does he ever blink?

Alan while we appreciate the lecture, the moron comment was taken out of context by one person, and was explained that it wasn’t meant that way, so no one was intentionally trying to bash anyone.
As far as Manny goes I’m pretty sure we were close to last in the league as far as stolen bases and such, Manny is no Vince Coleman and that isn’t why people have given him 20 mil. a year before. He is an absolute hitting machine and you put him behind Pujols and you got a 1-2 punch that makes pitchers cringe…Put Ludwick, Ankiel, Rasmus in front and behind them and watch there numbers go through the roof! And sure while not having the fastest guy might cost you a game here or there I’m willing to bet Boston doesn’t win there Championships without him and the positives of what you get with Manny far outweight the negatives of his slow baserunning and average defense.
SLForre- I’m hoping Freese gets the first crack and if he shows what he did in AAA let him run with it and start Wallace at AAA.

I’d like to see Mr. Freese (ha ha) make an impact, cause I hope it would help make me feel better about Edmonds leaving before retiring. Ya know, make it so we really got some value out of the deal. I still think Edmonds would have been an excellent tudor for Colby Rasmus.

OK dudes, here is the deal. I am a Cardinal lover and a sarcastic and sick humor guy. I don’t take personally anything that is written or said. I will have a little fun with words however, sometimes with tongue in cheek. I’m still optimistic, and I do understand the history of hoping on broken wings on the staff (Mulder, etc.). I hope at the end of the year, I can say I told you so on Carp, WW, Lohse and a young pen with some live arms. If not, how about if I change my post name to Ron, and I’ll get the GM to go by MO-Ron? If the season is a dud, you can get Manny and play pinanta on us both. In the meantime, Go Birds.

Ha ha. Nice one Scott. Mo-Ron…huh huh huh. I can see what you mean about the possibilities of this season. However it is a road we’ve been down, and I don’t understand why we didn’t at least secure some proven back-up plan. Garland, Sheets, Garcia. Somebody! ANY of the five starters could gop down, or ALL of them could. Our management doesn’t want to have back-up plans other than AAA. I don’t get that.

I’ll admit, I have struggled with some things this offseason; mgmt identifies priorities, goes to winter meetings to get pitching, second base, etc. addressed. TLR says Fuentes is top priority … oops. We have money avialable to spend on needs … oops. We have outfield strength to trade for needs … oops. I understand the problem with needs recognized and solutions to date equal nada. BUT, we still have a pretty interesting ball club with some talent. Sure would be nice to go into the season with fewer questionmarks. We could do very well, but the ice feels a little thin. As the DUDE would say … it is not over yet, and there are still some interesting FAs unsigned.

Gotta give Mo credit for a move not made.
Ben Sheets failed his physical as part of his supposed signing with Texas. He has a torn flexor tendon and will need surgery and will miss significant time.

I can only imagine the back lash if Mo had signed him and this happened. And less than 3 weeks from the start of spring training.

Bet Sheets wished he had accepted arbitration.

JD: I’d give Mo credit if 1) he had tried to sign Sheets and, like the Rangers did, while doing due-diligence had the doctors discover the injury or 2) if he suspected the injury and therefore didn’t pursue Sheets. However, 1) and 2) are, in and of themselves, also insufficient since it appears (at least to those of us in the public being offered so little news from the Cards on anything that’s going on), that they haven’t genuinely been pursuing anyone or anything else.

Has anyone else noted that the Cards play everything infinitely more close to the vest than many other clubs? What actual substance has there been in the material making it to the Cards’ MLB site? This is not a criticism of our host, I figure he can only post what he’s made privy to.

Guess the dynamic Trio of Miller, Manning and Ring left no room for Tyler Johnson…Couldn’t even get him on a minor league contract…hmmph

Alan Apparently the Cards havn’t spent any money because they are BROKE!! That’s right sports fans, the 2006 World Champion, New Stadium, 3 million plus fans pouring in, All-Star Game Cardinals are BROKE…Enjoy this bunch of CRAP!!

Another starter down..Wolf signs for a measley 5 mil. Maybe Mo can ask Royce Ring if he has any buddies that start, that have ERA around 8 as well…hmmmm

I got a nice Warner jersey from

I know this is something you might not want to hear right now, but better now than in 6-8 weeks into the season. To lose someone for 12 weeks before the season starts is actually a better scenario than hitting your divisional teams during April and May without one of your big guns.

Might not seem like it now, but it might end up being the best thing for Glaus and the Cardinals in the long run. A healthy and inspired Glaus will go a long way in 2009.

Rays Renegade

RR, it seems to me that no one here has even mentioned Glaus’ surgery in noticeably more than a week and that no one, when they did mention it back then, thought it a particularly problematic thing when they did. Who were you directing your comment to?

Ok. So we’re less than seven (7) days from the start of camp, and still we don’t have our two best OFs signed. I don’t like it. Not a good sign for me.

Skip the second baseman! Good job, LaRussa. Make it easy for management to be cheap. Thanks a lot. Could somebody please start a web site, ??

Slforre, Ankiel and Ludwick will get signed one way or another even if we actually have to go to Arbitration…BUT Fire LaRussa are you serious??? He isn’t making it easy for Uncle MO and company to be Cheap, They already are that as they have obviously showed. LaRussa has to try to fit 7 outfielders (Ankiel, Ludwick, Shumacher, Duncan, Mather, Rasmus) on this roster since our front office can’t make a move to save their lives. So in other words LaRussa has to work with what he is given, Do you REALLY think that if the shoe was on the other foot and LaRussa was the GM something wouldn’t of happened this year as far as free agency or trades go?? Blame the man in charge of the mess not the man just trying to deal with it.

Sheets injured. Wolfe signs with Houston. Not much left in FA pitching.
Loopers value is dropping fast. Time to act?

Slata…In the immortal words of the Dude.
“Yeah. Well…That’s just, like, uh, you’re opinion man!”

Great words….Too bad that isn’t an opinion..WHO is on the Roster is MO’s fault…All LaRussa can do is try to put the best team on the field from what he has to choose from with that roster. I’m sure your “opinion” to fire a Hall Of Fame Manager for a DUD GM is a much better idea…I think even the “Dude” can see that.

Slata4, you need to calm the hell down! That’s a quote from a movie, meant to be ssomewhat sarcastic. And it IS my opinion that LaRussa has a LOT of say in his roster. It is YOUR OPINION that he just does what he can with whatever management wants to give him. And that’s ok. You can live in a cloud of dillusion if you like. Bottom line is if LaRussa were not the type of manager he is, ownership would not feel comfortable making no moves. They know what the fallout from fans would be. That’s MY perspective. Disagree if you like, but don’t be an a**!!!

Slforre, I don’t have to calm anything down, I’m frustrated with this front office and I have a right to voice my “opinion” and if you don’t want me to be an a** don’t give me ridiculous sarcastic comments. So LaRussa has a lot to say in the roster? Yes he has a lot to say with who starts and who sits and who comes into the game and so on and so forth but it is my Opinion in my little cloud of dillusion that I live in that LaRussa said we Needed an impact bat..didn’t get it..then proclaimed Brian Fuentes to be TOP Priority..didn’t get it…THEN talked about how frustrated he was with this management. Let’s see how much does that tell you of the power he has to bring people onto this team?? Not much in my little cloud. But maybe your right if LaRussa wasn’t the type of manager that lives and dies with his teams and speaks his mind when the ownership doesn’t do anything after talking so much about the aggressiveness and amount of extra money and so on (Ya that would make me comfortable as and owner) I don’t know how in your little cloud of dillusion criticism=comfort. So just so we clear this up, Tony has VERY LITTLE control when it comes to who they sign or trade for, and has A LOT of control when it comes to game management. Maybe one day we will find a manager that doesn’t say anything and is a yes man and then ownership will be uncomfortable and make more moves cuz apparently Yes Men=More Moves.

Whatever dude. You DO need to calm down. M has said many time that this is NOT the place for that kind of rudeness. Take it somewhere else, PLEASE!

Slforre, since your taking the time to let us know that this isn’t the place for rudeness maybe you should look in the mirror when you say it. You DON’T know me so don’t tell me what I DO need to do. This is the place for discussion and if you don’t agree with what someone says then you have the right to disagree with that opinion and give your own. IF you look back a few posts you will see YOUR ridiculous sarcasm and then I believe you telling me that I live in a cloud of dillusion could be construde as RUDE. So before you stand up on your soap box and start preaching look in the mirror and if you can’t then YOU Take it somewhere else..THANKS!

FYI: when someone replies to a comment with “whatever dude” it usually means they have no disagreement for the previous comment. So I’m glad you agree.

Way to assume. It really means I read about the first two lines and decided I didn’t want to continue arguing opinions
with a block head. And, yes, I am getting rude in response to you. I did look back at my posts and I see nothing that was rude, sarcastic or not. Until, that is, you copped an attitude with me. You really SHOULD grow up. I don’t need to KNOW you to tell you to stop being a rude a** to me.
And by the way, if you REALLY want to get into a discusssion with ME about LaRussa you can email me @ I’d be happy to share the stats and other info that back up my argument.

I’m the block head? You ADMITTED that the comment you made was from some movie meant to be sarcastic and then when you told me that I live in a cloud of dillusion that is Rude. I get an attitude with people that get one with me, you THINK your completely right and no one has the right to disagree with you, which is ridiculous. I’m a grown man that loves baseball and love how while I provide you facts you provide me with nonsense in reply. I dont’ need your e-mail but if you want to send me your “stats” is for you. Here are a couple stats about our crappy manager though.

Tony LaRussa
2x World Series champion (1989, 2006)
3x AL Manager of the Year (1983, 1988, 1992)
2002 NL Manager of the Year,
in 2006 he became the first manager ever to win multiple pennants in both leagues and became one of only two managers to win the World Series in both leagues.
2461 wins- 3rd all time,
He is horrible…

Your Up!

Jeez, if this continues I think _I_’ll go elsewhere… later.

where’s Matt. Time to start a new thread.

Slata, I’m not going to play this game anymore with you. No more venom. All I’ll say is what I said before. I can find just as many stats that back up my argument. Stats are nothing more than a snapshot of what a person has done.

Then do it, your posts have no substance!

You just can’t stop, can you? Slata, don’t talk to me anymore if you can’t be a civil human being. I won’t read opr respond to your posts either. It’s really sad that it has to come to this. I had to do the same thing with a 17 year old kid. Are you a kid, too?

Ha even if you don’t respond I know you will read them, but that doesn’t matter, I would much rather have a civil conversation with someone that actually brings some insights to the table and not just useless nonsense. I am a grown man but I was starting to wonder the same thing about you. The civility of the conversations went downhill with your comments..period!

Yeah. It was all me. You were never rude and childish. Good job. Accountability, man. Learn it.

Guess my point is proven…I admitted I was rude to you as soon as you started being that way to me. Actually I was just repeating the crap you were saying which if you thought it was childish and rude, what do you think it was the first time when you said it?? Do i need to spell it out in crayons for you?

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