Cards, Ankiel settle

The streak lives.

The Cardinals avoided what would have been their first arbitration
hearing since 1999 when they reached a last-minute settlement on a
one-year contract with outfielder Rick Ankiel on Thursday. Cardinals
assistant general manager John Abbamondi confirmed that an agreement
had been reached.

The deal is worth a reported $2.825 million, which is the exact
midpoint of the figures submitted by Ankiel and the club last month.
Ankiel requested $3.3 million in the last season before he is eligible
for free agency, while the club countered with an offer of $2.35

Ankiel and the Cardinals were literally down to a couple of hours to
get a contract done. Their hearing was scheduled for 3 p.m. CT, and the
involved parties had all made their way to Arizona to take part.

St. Louis still has one remaining arbitration-eligible player who has
not signed. Ryan Ludwick would have a hearing on Tuesday if no deal can
be reached before that time. Ludwick has asked for $4.25 million, while
the club has offered $2.8 million.

–Matthew Leach


Thanks for the update, Matthew! We gave you full credit and a link to your blog on ours over at The Redbird Media.

Keep up the great work!

-Brady Holzhauer
The Redbird Media

This just reeks of Boras and I am really hopeful something similar doesn’t happen again next year although I’m afraid it will. Thanks for making winter go faster.


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