Saturday camp tidbits

Well, first, it’s Valentine’s Day, so above all else, a Happy V-Day to my beloved Mrs. Dude, who I wish could be down here in Florida with me. They couldn’t start Spring Training on the 16th?

Anyway, on to the tidbits. Plenty to report today.

* All pitchers and catchers were present and accounted for.

* Mitchell Boggs got some good news about his tight right shoulder. The tentative plan is to rest him for a few days, let the anti-inflammatory medication take effect and re-evaluate him early next week, but we were told that the concern level is lower than it was yesterday.

* Matt Scherer has some forearm tightness; unclear at this point how severe the issue is.

* Nick Stavinoha is in fact working out at catcher, but it’s not a position change in any kind of long run. He’s just helping out at a time when the team needs as many catchers as possible.

* Francisco Samuel caught a lot of people’s eyes with his bullpen session today. It was well known that Samuel throws hard, but what I and some of my colleagues noticed was the ease with which he brings that heat.

* Two members of the band Disturbed dropped by camp today. And no, sorry Mrs. Dude, I did not procure any photos/autographs/etc. They didn’t really mingle with us scribes.

* Funny moment of the day: Rick Ankiel was talking up Skip Schumaker, and noted that if he (Ankiel) is in the outfield and Schumaker is at 2nd base, “

If you guys can show me a better relay combo, I want to see
it.” To which Chris Duncan promptly piped in, “Me and Eckstein!”

Welcome to Spring Training.

Today’s playlist:
Maps, “So Low, So High”
Kanye West, “Love Lockdown”
Kasabian, “Club Foot”
Gran Ronde, “Wisdom”
Doves, “There Goes the Fear”


(In my best foreign accent)…”OOOhhh. Ha ha ha haaa! It’s funny, because he say they were a better relay combo…but they’re really not! Ha ha haaa. Ohhh you funny!”

Guess you had to be there — got a big laugh from me and everybody else around.


I thought it was a good one too, M. It just reminded me of the foreign guy on Family Guy who teaches Peter what sarcasm is. That guy is hilarious.

I thought it was funny too. Nice to see that Dunc can laugh at his defense, right along with everyone else…

The Boggs news is unwelcome, although I would prefer not to see him in the starting rotation anyway, since having him there implies that something bad has happened to Carp or one of the other front-liners. Granted, it’s early, but the team’s credibility in reporting injuries is not as high as it should be, and there is a tendency to downplay.

Sorry, Shaun — I definitely did get the reference (I love Fuad too), but misread your intentions in using it.


Sorry about that. I definitely chuckled out loud when I read that. How did you know the characters name? I looked on youtube for ten minutes before I posted that, looking for his name. Couldn’t find it. They all just said “Foreign Guy”.

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