Monday camp tidbits: Ludwick deal imminent

Hello from sunny, breezy, slightly cooler Jupiter. Very nice day, and best of all, Arti Gras ends today — so soon we’ll be able to get to the park much easier.

Today’s news:

* Ryan Ludwick and the Cardinals front office skipped their flights to Phoenix, and a contract agreement is imminent. Could be this afternoon or tonight, could be tomorrow morning. But it’s going to get done.

* Albert Pujols told me this afternoon that he’s not playing in the World Baseball Classic. That was all but a done deal. Now it’s a done deal.

* Larry Walker has arrived to fill his usual duty as a part-time instructor helping out the outfielders.

* Khalil Greene, Jon Jay and Brian Barton reported today, leaving Troy Glaus as the only player who did not report early.

* TLR told us today, in not a big surprise but still a bit of news, that Skip Schumaker and Joe Mather will work as infielders during the workouts between now and when games begin. As the club goes through various drills, Schumaker will work at second base and Mather at third, rather than either one with the outfielders.

* TLR and Mozeliak both answered questions about the possibility of a Jason Isringhausen reunion. Long story short: not a great deal of enthusiasm on the club’s side.

* Not news, but just to let you know: I’ll have a big Chris Carpenter story going up in the morning, on as well as hopefully on

Today’s playlist is all R.E.M., culled from the late 90s:
“The Great Beyond”
“So Fast, So Numb”
“Low Desert”



who do they have working with skip to help him at second base? oquendo??? red??? any other special instructors??? it really appears to me that he will be the opening day 2nd baseman. how is he gonna make the transition so quickly. can the cards survive with less than stellar defense? why on earth have we not signed o. hudson. jeez give him a lohse type of deal and try to extend him if he works out. isn’t it obvious?????

Not obvious at all. If Hudson was worth signing, someone else would have already signed him.

Skip played SS in College I am pretty sure, at least for a little while, so it isn’t completely foreign to him to play middle infield, but again that was at college level, and only for a couple years I think. Check me on that though I am going off memory. He is a hard worker though… I am sure either way he goes he will be at least average.

Matt, please stop informing us about what music you’re listening to. It reflects nothing about baseball and, believe it or not, we’re not waiting in anticipation to know your personal taste in music. So many reporters seem to have forgotten their function: reports the facts, only, please. You’re personal life and opinion has no bearing or interest concerning the news we wish to hear. Too many of you media types wish/think you are part of the star world and not just links to star world information. If you can’t handle this, I’m sorry to hurt your feelings. Also, I’ll take the job and do it right if you can’t/won’t.

Nope, sorry, theiam. Not going to do that.

The blog is more personal. The stories on the site are all ball, and if that’s what you want, I hope you read them and enjoy them.

The blog, as I’ve stated from Day 1 back in 2005, is something else. It’s going to cover other things — music, college football, life on the road, all kinds of things.

I’m sorry you don’t like it. But I’m not going to change the way I do things.


You keep doing your thing. I am not a super long time blogger here, but I have been around for awhile now, and enjoy your blogs a lot. The music, football, and everything… I know that a lot of the other regulars enjoy it as well.

He is the one that makes the money to do this, and he has been doing for a long time now. You need to do whatever it is that makes you the money you make. M doesn’t tell you how to do your job.

i just read that O. hudson is a type A free agent and that the signing team would have to give up 2 FIRST ROUNDISH draft picks to the dbacks as compensation. that makes me not want him as much, but i am scared about skippy.

When I saw your title I held my breath b/c it immediately made me think a Ludwick TRADE might be imminent..and I have simply NOT bought into the notion that he is/was a “one hit wonder”…owing (I know) to his injury history and artificial hip. What is YOUR take on the prognosis for RL having a lengthy, productive career?

Also< I went on record some time ago as being pretty psyched about Skip at 2B b/c he really has a fantastic work ethic and the ideal big league attitude…happy to be in the bigs and happy to work as long and hard as it takes to STAY there…even as a 2 bagger…your thoughts?

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