Long-overdue Tuesday camp tidbits: Full squad workouts begin

Greetings from Jupiter, where life got a lot better today for two major reasons. Arti Gras is officially over and we can get to and from the park MUCH more easily. And my aircard is working, so I can file even when the Wifi at RDS goes down (which is, um, a bit too often).

Which, BTW, explains why today’s tidbits are so long overdue. Couldn’t get online to put this up. I’m now coming to you from the couch in our condo, with some laundry in the dryer and a Family Guy repeat on TV. Living the dream, baby. Living the dream.

* Troy Glaus reported today and shed a little light on the sequence of events that led up to his shoulder surgery. He said the rehab has come well so far, though obviously there’s a long way to go. The story can be found here.

* Didn’t talk too long to Ryan Ludwick about his contract, but he was definitely pleased to have it done and relieved not to go to a hearing. It’s definitely interesting that Ludwick got a good bit more than the midpoint between the two figures. That’s unusual. Typically when it happens, it’s an indication that the club doesn’t feel its chances of winning a hearing are very good.

* We all got to watch a good bit of batting practice today, and it was nice to see something other than bullpen sessions going on out on the back fields. It should pick up even more soon.

* We had lengthy conversations with TLR about both the Skip Schumaker/2B thing and the bullpen. I don’t want to give too much away about either one because they’ll feature in big stories on the site for tomorrow morning (bullpen) and Thursday morning (Skip/2B). But a couple of nuggets… TLR and Dave Duncan both said they’d PREFER to have someone emerge as the 9th-inning guy, but they’re open to a mix-and-match scenario. And TLR is very serious about Schumaker at 2B. He said that even if they still had Kennedy, he’d want Schumaker competing for the 2B job this year. It may not work out, but it’s very, very real.

Today’s playlist consists of highlights from a very nice jog out on the exercise track behind the condos…

Shamen: “Move Any Mountain”
New Order: “Regret (New Order Mix)”
Soul Coughing: “Super Bon Bon”
Soundgarden: “Let Me Drown”
Pearl Jam: “Rearviewmirror”

The traffic on the blog has been really incredible since Spring Training started, so a big thanks to everybody for dropping by. HOPEFULLY, starting tomorrow I’ll get back to the midday updates that I prefer to have during the spring.



I take comfort in that. Take er easy for the rest of us hacks.
Keep doin’ it, M. Live the Dream!
Question for ya: What are the chances that one of the lefties (Garcia) cracks the rotation? We could use a lefty, so we don’t have another year of an all righty rotation.

Zilch. Garcia had TJ surgery and is out. Other than that, they’re pretty much all specialist types.


He had TJ surgery? Darn it! I didn’t know that. I was hoping to see a lefty in the rotation, although not counting on it. It’d be nice to see for once. I know it’s looking WAY ahead, but do the Cards have any room for a deadline move since they signed nobody in the offseason? Of course, assuming we are close enough to contention.

Cardinals Expat here from Australia. First Post. Keep up the great work Matt.

Question: How’s the competition for third base going?


“Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o’clock this afternoon… with nail polish.”

Can’t really say at this point. Pitchers you can evaluate to some extent, but there’s really no way to have a read on a competition like that until games start.

If I had to guess though, based on VERY inductive reasoning, I might guess Mather is your Opening Day 3B. But that’s really just a guess.


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