Wednesday morning camp tidbits: Pineiro peeved

OK, this is a little more like it, schedule-wise and in terms of connectivity. Starting to get into the routine.

* As already reported here, Joel Pineiro was extremely displeased at Jose Oquendo’s decision not to include him in Team Puerto Rico’s three-man rotation for the World Baseball Classic. Pineiro emphasized that he had no beef with the pitchers selected in his place, Jonathan Sanchez and Ian Snell, but Oquendo is clearly not his favorite person right now. Oquendo and TLR both downplayed it, and said they’re confident that as the spring and season move on, there won’t be a problem.

* Live batting practice starts today, and one of the more intriguing sessions will be that of youngster Francisco Samuel. He’ll face Brian Barden, Tyler Greene, Brendan Ryan and Joe Thurston. Samuel has a smooth, easy velocity, but some command issues.

* Some of the big league starters begin throwing live BP tomorrow.

* Not a lot else to report at this moment, but we’ll see how the day progresses.



pineiro should remember the last Classic and how all of the pitchers didn’t seem to be themselves after pitching in the classic.

Ouch! Lil punch to the ego there. Do you think Oquendo thinks Ian Snell is a better pitcher? Or do you think he’d rather use some other team’s arm? Do you think LaRussa or Duncan had a voice in this? Totally speculation, of course.

My opinion? He just wanted those three pitchers, thinking they were the best starters. Others see it differently, but that’s my read.


Snell and Pineiro are basically the same kind of starters. Look at their numbers. plus 5 ERA but Snell had more K’s but a lot more BB’s. I would probably take Snell also, he’s 3 years younger and can give you more innings and more K’s

I understand and sympathize with fragile egos, being somewhat prone to the condition myself, but Pinata would do well to remember a few things here:
1) Wear and tear incurred during the Classic counts during the regular season;
2) The Cardinals pay him a whole passel of money to pitch effectively for them, not for Puerto Rico;
3) Oquendo too has powerful financial incentive to see Pineiro pitch well for St. Louis;
4) He’s not all that good.

I’d be perfectly happy to see him respond to this slight by pitching so well in 2009 that Oquendo looks like an idiot for not starting him, and I suspect that Jose would be happy about it too.

Pineiro should also be peeved that his GM sat back and did very little to bolster that awful bullpen which will certainly lose him some games this year. THAT’S something to be peeved about.

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