Thursday Spring Training photos

So… this is a little bit of flying blind, because I haven’t used this interface before. But here’s an attempt to show you some photos I took today on the Roger Dean Stadium back fields. Click on the thumbnail to get a larger version.

090219 Carpenter bullpen1.JPG090219 Ankiel Duncan.JPG

090219 Carpenter bullpen3.JPG090219 Carpenter bullpen2.JPG
090219 Mason stands in.JPG090219 Lohse mound.JPG090219 La Russa fungo.JPG090219 KGreene soft toss.JPG090219 Duncan Raz TLR Pujols.JPG090219 Duncan Perez.JPG
090219 McClellan bullpen2.JPG090219 McClellan bullpen1.JPG
090219 Vuch Mozeliak.JPG090219 Todd mound.JPG090219 Schumaker at 2B2.JPG090219 Schumaker at 2B1.JPG090219 Schoendienst Wolf.JPG090219 Ryan at SS1.JPG090219 Rasmus cage2.JPG090219 Pujols swing.JPG090219 Pujols soft toss.JPG090219 Pujols Molina.JPG090219 Pujols cage2.JPG

090219 Mather Schu McKay.JPG

090219 Mozeliak Duncan.JPG


Thanks Matt for the photos. It just makes it more real that baseball really is back for us northerners batteling the cold here in so. IL and the rest of Cardinal Nation.

Great pics! I’d say the new application is a success!


Great to see Red out there again. Thanks for the photos, Matt, and keep ’em coming. Those of us outside the St Louis area don’t get to see much from Spring Training.

The concept of Albert Pujols receiving soft-toss not only justifies my purchasing this computer, it basically justifies the existence of baseball, period. Wow. Thanks for posting those.

That’s one of my favorites, too. I was very pleased that you could see the ball in the air in both soft-toss photos.


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