Friday camp tidbits: Raz in the nine spot?

Hello from breezy and cool (for Florida) Jupiter.

* TLR was asked about the possibility of Colby Rasmus being the No. 9 hitter, and he was open to it. If Schumaker is on the roster as the 2B man, then there’s not really an obvious No. 9 hitter — unless somebody like Brendan Ryan or Joe Thurston wins the 3B job.

* Adam Wainwright threw live BP to a group that included Albert Pujols, Skip Schumaker, Yadier Molina, Khalil Greene and Joe Mather. And he looked very good to my eye. Fastball down to both sides of the plate, good breaking ball, and very little hard contact.

* Also throwing live today: Wellemeyer, Trever Miller, Motte, Kinney, among others.

* Chris Carpenter is scheduled to face hitters for the first time tomorrow, so obviously that’ll be a little bit of a frenzy. I’m looking forward to seeing it; I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him so far.

* Reggie Smith, the last Cardinal to hit a HR in an All-Star Game (1974), dropped by camp as a representative of a bat company today.

Today’s playlist:
Radiohead: “Paranoid Android”
Living Colour, “This is the Life”
Soundgarden: “Slaves and Bulldozers”
Smashing Pumpkins: “Starla”
Jeff Buckley: “Eternal Life”



So far so good as the news goes. Can’t wait for the update about Carp. How’s the sun down there M? Also, how’s Khalil’s bat looking so far? I know everything is early, but…

Oh the conundrum that is live BP! Am I excited that Wainwright looked so good? Or, am I concerned that some key hitters made very little hard contact? : )

I’m mystified at the Raz as #9 part of this. If Schumaker is on the roster and in the starting lineup, there’s an obvious #9 hitter: Schu. His skill set (get on base, but without much power) is clearly better suited for hitting in front of Raz than behind him. Why treat leadoff as an award/sinecure/entitlement? Put the guy there who gives the best possible outcome for the team.

Skip’s first year in the bigs as a lead-off hitter, solid .302 avg, nearly 50 RBI’s and walks, was VERY decent, and certainly warrants continuing him there absent other factors. New factors this season: 1) Skip @ second, 2) Rasmus on the roster. The question, as I see it, will be WHICH of these new developments will call for the MOST relief from pressure – Raz getting used to the bigs or Skip getting used to 2B (assuming that happens)?

My take is that Skip is ‘clutch’ and should stay in the lead-off position until clearly supplanted.

Please, I’m begging you, do not use batting average ever again when trying to make an argument at how well someone was at being the leadoff hitter. Use OBP, it is a far more important stat when talking about a leadoff hitter. In case you don’t know OBP means On Base Percentage. On Base Percentage takes into account batting average. Now, me, personally I would like to do away with this whole pitcher batting 8th thing, I don’t think it made that big of a difference. But Tony wants to keep it, and the reason Rasmus is batting 9th to start the season is because he’s an unproven prospect who’s had no at bats at the major league level. I have a feeling that if he starts putting up good at bats and getting on base at a decent rate, that he will end up batting 2nd in front of Pujols.

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