Saturday Spring Training photos

Here’s another round of photos. A lot of them are from Carpenter’s live batting practice session today. The fellow in the t-shirt in the photo with TLR is Bruce Hornsby. Besides Carpenter, the other pitcher photos are one of Blake Hawksworth and then two of Clayton Mortensen. And, yes, that’s Dave Duncan standing in the batters box while a pitcher works on pitchouts.

20090221 schumaker cage 2.jpg20090221 schumaker cage.jpg20090221 pujols cage 2.jpg
20090221 pujols cage.jpg20090221 mortensen 2.jpg20090221 mortensen.jpg20090221 la russa schoendienst.jpg20090221 hornsby la russa.jpg20090221 hawksworth.jpg20090221 dunc stands in.jpg20090221 carpenter jay.jpg20090221 carpenter 3.jpg20090221 carpenter 2.jpg20090221 carpenter 1.jpg20090221 ankiel rasmus.jpg20090221 ankiel.jpg


I have been to Cardinals spring training, the players are great right?

Nice photos, M. Fun to look at. Question: What is Glaus doing? Does he just sit and watch? Does he take grounders
or anything?

Ankiel looks like he’s been lifting… assuming he’s maintained his flexibility, imagine the throws this year!

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