Tuesday camp tidbits: Fehr and the lineup

Busy day here in camp. The clubhouse was closed to media from 8:30 am because of the annual Players’ Association meeting.

* Donald Fehr addressed media after he met with the players, and we’ll have a story up on the site about what he had to say to us.

* Left-hander Justin Fiske is in camp and throwing live BP today. He’ll provide some extra depth, as the field staff is a bit concerned about having enough pitchers to cover all the innings early in camp. Fiske went 4-0 with a 3.26 ERA, 96 Ks and 35 BB in 85 2/3 innings across three levels last year. He made 40 appearances, 10 starts.

* Tomorrow’s starting lineup, not in order obviously: LaRue C, Pujols 1B, Schumaker 2B, Mather 3B, K.Greene SS, Rasmus LF, Ankiel CF, Ludwick RF, Duncan DH, Hawksworth P.

* The Cardinals will hold a “coaches’ game” later this afternoon, with two 13-man teams (eight players in the field and 5 DHs on each side). Coaches pitch BP in these games, rather than pitchers. The losing side provides “beverage service” for the winners. In the past, the stakes were higher — winning team got to skip an unpleasant road trip — but this year it’s something smaller.

* Chris Carpenter throws live BP today, then a bullpen on Thursday before pitching in Saturday’s game. Also live today: Tyler Herron, Ryan Franklin and Clayton Mortensen.

Today’s playlist:
Rolling Stones, “Factory Girl”
Clash, “Safe European Home”
Material Issue, “Very First Lie”
Jack Johnson, “Mudfootball”
Pearl Jam, “Daughter”



I like the sound of that “beverage service”. I had something similar to that happen recently, then I made this representing the birds on the bat:

Why Rasmus in LF, why not CF?

TLR said that with Ank in CF then Colby isn’t a shoe in for CF. It’s in Monday’s tidbits.

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