Thursday morning tidbits: Mortensen is sore

Hello from breezy Fort Lauderdale Stadium, which received a major upgrade this year: functioning wifi in the press box. Huzzah!

* Today’s lineup: 1.Thurston 2b — 2.Mather 3B — 3.Rasmus CF — 4.Ludwick RF — 5.Duncan 1B — 6.Molina C — 7.Barton DH — 8.Jay LF — 9.TGreene SS

* TLR said that Clayton Mortensen is dealing with a sore elbow and “is being shut down for at least one turn.” I’m following up to see what else I can find.

* Mitchell Boggs has advanced to throwing live batting practice, but probably is at least a week away from being able to pitch in games.

* Those two, plus the Matt Scherer injury, add up to a shortage of available pitching for the Cardinals. They are concerned and looking into alternatives, but it’s not entirely clear what the alternatives are at this point. I’ll have more on this topic later today.

* Tyler Greene’s start is the first earned start of the spring, i.e. the first time a player’s good game earned him playing time the next day. Greene is one of the early-early eye-openers of this camp.

Today’s playlist:
Black Crowes, “Twice As Hard”
The Four Horsemen: “Tired Wings”
Guns N’ Roses: “14 Years”
Metallica: “Sad But True”
Temple of the Dog: “Say Hello 2 Heaven”


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